The Converge programming language
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  Converge documentation

  First time users

If you are new to Converge and want to work out how to install it, check
install/INSTALL and then (if necessary) install/README.X where "X" is your
platform. You may then wish to read quick_intro/index.html for a whistle-top
tour of the language's major features.

  Detailed information

If you wish to find out about all the documenation that comes with Converge,
herewith a brief description of the various documentation:

  CHANGES       A description of the major changes between versions

  CREDITS       A list of people

    index.html  A detailed explanation of compile-time meta-progamming in
                Converge. This is, in a sense, a detailed addendum to the
                "quick intro".

    INSTALL     General installation instructions
    README.X    Specific instructions for platform X

    index.html  Links to documentation on all parts of Converge's standard
                libraries. Note this documentation is built from the XML
                in the "modules_cvd" directory; modules_html is thus not
                populated until the whole Converge system is built.

    index.html  An overview of Converge's major language features.

    index.html  Detailed explanations of the various tools (convergec,
                convergei, convergep, cvd_to_html) that come with