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  srep                                                      Laurence Tratt

srep (Search and REPlace) matches regular expressions in files and replaces them
with a given string. Output is either: a unified diff sent to stdout (i.e.
without modifying files) with -u; or the direct modification of the files with
-m. If no flag is specified, -u is assumed, since it is non-destructive.

The command-line arguments are as follows:
  srep [-rvmnu] [-t <number of expression + replacements>] 
    <regular expression 1> <replacement 1>
    [... <regular expression t> <replacement t>]
    <file 1> ... <file n>

The flags are as follows:
  -r	Recurse into (nested) directories.
  -v	Create additional logging information (shows which files are being
        matched, how many replacements made etc) and send it to stderr.
  -m	Modify files in situ (warning: it may be difficult or impossible to undo
        any changes made).
  -n	Produce ndiff output (useful for seeing intra-line changes).
  -u	Produce unified diff output (default).