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A taglib datepicker that uses JQuery-UI's datepicker and that is compatible with the Grails framework.
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Version 0.3 - 11/09/2015 - CHANGELOG

  • Added support for the placeholder parameter

Version 0.2 - 12/03/2015 - CHANGELOG

  • Fixed value for empty selection (null) - this check happens on the "change" event of the text field
  • Added styling to solve a z-index-related issue: now calendar should always be displayed on top of all elements

Version 0.1 - 27/02/2015

A datepicker based on JQuery datepicker ( and (mostly) compatible with the Grails framework


  • name : will be used as name and if for the actual input field
  • value : default value
  • option : options to pass to datepicker {key1: value1, key2: value2, ...}. See API:
  • locale : locale to be used. If not passed, it will take the grails session's locale (first two letters). jquery.datepicker's locale files should be available to your app:
  • class : HTML classes to apply to the visible field
  • required : HTML required attribute


  • make sure JQuery-UI and JQuery are installed
  • put this class in your grails-app/tablib folder


<g:datepickerUI name="myDate" required="true" value="${myDomainClass?.myDate?:new Date()}" options="{minDate:'0', maxDate:'+10Y'}" class="form-control"/>

Tested with:

  • JQuery-1.11.1
  • JQueryUI-1.11.3
  • Grails 2.4.4
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