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2009-05-09, v1.3.4
- Atomic file writes
2008-08-19, v1.3.3
- Update to request.path_info (see Django rev #8015)
2008-06-21, v1.3.2
- Bugfix for unicode paths
- Minor performance enhancement in Middleware
2008-06-03, v1.3.1
- Updated inline docs, Added DOC document
2008-06-03, v1.3
- Added response Middleware
2008-02-12, v1.2
- Updated syntax using actual Python args
- Minor code effiencies
2008-01-09, v1.1
- Added support for HttpRequest.get_host() using Sites framework or
- Added path/file delete
2008-01-08, v1.0.1
- Added missing Model import
2008-01-07, v1.0
- Initial version
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