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C-bindings for rav1e
Rust C Makefile
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C rav1e API

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cbindgen-based API for C/C++ users.

NOTE: rav1e integrates with cargo-c to directly provide the C-API.


  • Basic encoding usage
  • OBU Sequence Header for mkv/mp4 support
  • Documentation
  • pkg-conf .pc generation
  • Examples
  • Install target
  • Shared libraries
    • Linux
    • macOS
    • Windows
      • -gnu target
      • -msvc target

The API is usable and considered stable, requests to extend it can be issued here.


You may generate the library and the header file using a simple Makefile or calling cargo build.

The Makefile supports installing the library, the header and the pkg-config file.


A quite simple makefile is provided:

# Build librav1e.a, rav1e.h and rav1e.pc
$ make
# Install librav1e.a, rav1e.h and rav1e.pc
$ make DESTDIR=${D} prefix=${prefix} libdir=${libdir} install
# Remove librav1e.a, rav1e.h and rav1e.pc
$ make DESTDIR=${D} prefix=${prefix} libdir=${libdir} uninstall


Currently cargo install does not work for libraries.

$ cargo build


$ cargo build --release

The header will be available as include/rav1e.h, the library will be in target/<debug or release>/librav1e.<so or dylib> Look in c-examples for working examples.

Windows binaries

Automated Windows binaries (x86-64 and ARM64) are generated by AppVeyor (available for download under the Artifacts tab).


I suggest to use the cargo paths override to have a local rav1e:

# Clone the trees
$ git clone
$ git clone
# Setup the override
$ cd crav1e
$ mkdir .cargo
$ echo 'paths=["../rav1e"]' > .cargo/config
# Check it is doing the right thing
$ cargo build
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