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compat use a wrapper script to call MS link.exe to avoid mixing with /usr/bi…
doc Bump major versions of all libraries
libavcodec build: Skip libvpx.h if libvpx is not enabled
libavdevice Bump major versions of all libraries
libavfilter Bump major versions of all libraries
libavformat Bump major versions of all libraries
libavresample Bump major versions of all libraries
libavutil Bump major versions of all libraries
libswscale Bump major versions of all libraries
presets presets: spelling error in libvpx 1080p50_60
tests checkasm: Fix floating point arguments on 64-bit Windows
tools tools: Drop a stale header
.gitattributes Treat all '*.pnm' files as non-text file
.gitignore Checkasm: assembly testing and benchmarking tool
.travis.yml build: Add support for travis CI
COPYING.GPLv3 Add configure option to upgrade (L)GPL to version 3.
COPYING.LGPLv2.1 cosmetics: Delete empty lines at end of file.
COPYING.LGPLv3 Add configure option to upgrade (L)GPL to version 3.
CREDITS partially rename FFmpeg to Libav
Changelog dnxhddata: Add tables for missing DNx100 profiles
INSTALL doc: clarify configure features
LICENSE license: Mention that vf_interlace is GPL, not LGPL
Makefile checkasm: Always link statically
README doc: Add more information in the README doc: Add travis badge
RELEASE Make the RELEASE file match with the most recent tag
arch.mak ppc: vsx: Implement float_dsp
avconv.c lavc: Consistently prefix input buffer defines
avconv.h Add a quality factor packet side data
avconv_dxva2.c avconv_dxva2: add hevc support
avconv_filter.c avconv: split creating and (re-)configuring complex filtergraphs
avconv_opt.c avconv_opt: Add an option that lists all supported hwaccels
avconv_vda.c avconv: vda: Unlock the pixel buffer once it is accessed
avconv_vdpau.c avconv_vdpau: allocate video surface of VDPAU-specified size
avplay.c lavc: AV-prefix all codec capabilities
avprobe.c avprobe: Print the display matrix from per-stream sidedata
cmdutils.c lavc: AV-prefix all codec capabilities
cmdutils.h avconv: use read_file() for reading the 2pass stats
cmdutils_common_opts.h avplay: Accept cpuflags option
common.mak checkasm: Always link statically
configure webm: Explicitly select libvpx, libopus and libvorbis encoders
library.mak build: Support executable only ldflags Drop git- prefix from version labels


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Libav is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata.


  • libavcodec provides implementation of a wider range of codecs.
  • libavformat implements streaming protocols, container formats and basic I/O access.
  • libavutil includes hashers, decompressors and miscellaneous utility functions.
  • libavfilter provides a mean to alter decoded Audio and Video through chain of filters.
  • libavdevice provides an abstraction to access capture and playback devices.
  • libavresample implements audio mixing and resampling routines.
  • libswscale implements color conversion and scaling routines.


  • avconv is a command line toolbox to manipulate, convert and stream multimedia content.
  • avplay is a minimalistic multimedia player.
  • avprobe is a simple analisys tool to inspect multimedia content.
  • Additional small tools such as aviocat, ismindex and qt-faststart.


The offline documentation is available in the doc/ directory.

The online documentation is available in the main website and in the wiki.


Conding examples are available in the doc/example directory.


Libav codebase is mainly LGPL-licensed with optional components licensed under GPL. Please refer to the LICENSE file for detailed information.

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