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Carbon for Lua
#class Collections.Set
#description {
Provides operations for operating on unordered sets.
The @Set type Differs from the primtive @set type by adding methods to it.
It is possible to use these methods with a plain @set, just call them in a non-object oriented way:
#alias List Collections.List
local Carbon, self = ...
local List = Carbon.Collections.List
local Set = {}
Set.__object_metatable = {
__index = Set
Set.Is = {
[Set] = true
--[[#method 1 {
class public @Set Set:New([@table data])
optional data: The data of the set. Empty if not given.
Turns the given object into a Set.
Allows method-style syntax.
function Set:New(object)
return setmetatable(object or {}, self.__object_metatable)
function Set:Serialize()
return nil, Carbon.Exceptions.NotImplementedException("Set:Serialize")
function Set.DeserializeInPlace(source)
return self.Deserialize(source, self)
function Set.Deserialize(source, out)
return nil, Carbon.Exceptions.NotImplementedException("Set:Deserialize")
--[[#method {
class public @List Set.ToList(@table self, [@table out])
-alias: object public @List Set:ToList([@table out])
required self: The set to collect members for.
optional out: Where to put the resulting data. Put into a new @List by default.
Collects all members of the set and puts them in a list.
function Set.ToList(self, out)
out = out or List:New({})
for key, value in pairs(self) do
if (value) then
table.insert(out, key)
return out
Carbon.Metadata:RegisterMethods(Set, self)
return Set