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Carbon for Lua
#class CopyBarrier
#inherits OOP.Object
#description {
Prevents copying of the data it points to.
Forwards indexes and newindexes to target.
local Carbon = (...)
local Dictionary = Carbon.Collections.Dictionary
local CopyBarrier = {}
--[[#method 1 {
class public @CopyBarrier CopyBarrier:New(@any? value)
required value: The value to point at.
Creates a new @CopyBarrier pointing at the given value.
function CopyBarrier:New(value)
local instance = newproxy(true)
local body = Dictionary.DeepCopy(self)
getmetatable(instance).__index = body
getmetatable(instance).__newindex = body
getmetatable(instance).__value = value
setmetatable(body, {
__index = value,
__newindex = value
return instance
--[[#method {
object public self CopyBarrier:Copy()
A stub that simply returns itself to prevent copying methods from copying this.
function CopyBarrier:Copy()
return self
--[[#method {
object public @any? CopyBarrier:Get()
Returns the value pointed to by the @CopyBarrier.
function CopyBarrier:Get()
return getmetatable(self).__value
--[[#method {
object public @void CopyBarrier:Set(@any? value)
required value: The new value for the @CopyBarrier.
Sets a new value for the @CopyBarrier.
function CopyBarrier:Set(value)
local meta = getmetatable(getmetatable(self).__index)
getmetatable(self).__value = value
meta.__index = value
meta.__newindex = value
return CopyBarrier