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Carbon for Lua
#class Exceptions.CodeGenerationException
#inherits Exception
#description {
An exception to be generated when generation of code fails.
local Carbon = (...)
#property public string Message {
Contains a message about what went wrong generating code.
#property public string GeneratedCode {
Contains the code that was generated and failed to meet the criteria.
local CodeGenerationException = Carbon.OOP:Class()
:Members {
Message = "Code generation failed: ",
GeneratedCode = "[none]"
--[[#method 1 {
$typical_constructor(CodeGenerationException(@string message, @string code))
required message: A message explaining why code generation failed.
required code: The code that was generated.
Denotes that code generation failed in a metaprogramming-enabled module.
function CodeGenerationException:Init(message, code)
self.GeneratedCode = code
self.Message = self.Message .. message
return CodeGenerationException