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Carbon for Lua
#class Serialization
#description {
Provides serialization facilities for Carbon. Relies on @Metadata being enabled.
#alias Format Serialization.Format
#alias NotImplementedException Exceptions.NotImplementedException
local Carbon = (...)
local NotImplementedException = Carbon.Exceptions.NotImplementedException
local Serialization = {}
--[[#method {
class public @string Serialization.Serialize(@any object, @Format format)
required object: The object to serialize.
required format: The @Format to serialize the object into.
Serializes an object into the specified data format.
function Serialization.Serialize(object, format)
return format:Serialize(object)
--[[#method {
class public @any Serialization.Deserialize(@string source, [@Format format])
required source: The serialized data in the form of a string.
optional format: The format to use; autodetected if not specified.
Deserializes a serialized object.
If no deserializer for the format could be found, returns (false, @NotImplementedException)
function Serialization.Deserialize(source, format)
local maybes = {}
for key, format in pairs(Serialization.Formats) do
if (format.Is and format.Is[Serialization.Format]) then
local can = format:CanDeserialize(source)
if (can == true) then
return format:Deserialize(source)
elseif (can == Carbon.Maybe) then
table.insert(maybes, format)
for key, format in ipairs(maybes) do
local result = format:Deserialize(source)
if (result) then
return result
return false, NotImplementedException("serializer for this format")
return Serialization