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Carbon for Lua
#class Testing.TestResult
#description {
An object to signal success and failure conditions to the test engine.
local Carbon = (...)
-- We don't know that the built-in shallow copy works yet, technically
local function shallow_copy(from, to)
to = to or {}
for key, value in pairs(from) do
to[key] = value
return to
local TestResult = {
__passes = 0,
__fails = 0,
__warnings = 0,
__passed = true,
__messages = {},
__errors = {},
__warnings = {},
__notes = {}
--[[#method 1 {
public TestResult TestResult:New(Test test)
required test: The test that will use this TestResult.
Creates a new TestResult object for unit tests to fill.
function TestResult:New(test)
local new = shallow_copy(self)
new.__test = test
new.__errors = {}
new.__warnings = {}
new.__messages = {}
new.__notes = {}
return new
--[[#method {
public self TestResult:Pass()
Marks that a component of the TestResult has passed.
function TestResult:Pass()
self.__passes = self.__passes + 1
return self
--[[#method {
public self TestResult:Message(string message)
required message: A message to record.
Records a message about the test without failing the test.
function TestResult:Message(message)
table.insert(self.__messages, message)
table.insert(self.__notes, {"Message", message})
return self
--[[#method {
public self TestResult:Warn(string message)
required message: A warning to issue.
Issues a warning without failing the test.
function TestResult:Warn(message)
table.insert(self.__warnings, message)
table.insert(self.__notes, {"Warning", message})
return self
--[[#method {
public self TestResult:Fail(string message)
required message: The error message to store.
Marks the test as a failure and increments the failure counter.
function TestResult:Fail(message)
self.__fails = self.__fails + 1
self.__passed = false
table.insert(self.__errors, message)
table.insert(self.__notes, {"Error", message})
return self
--[[#method {
public bool TestResult:Assert(bool condition, string message)
required condition: Condition to check.
required message: Message to report on failure.
Checks the given condition and adds a pass if it is true, or fails with the given message.
function TestResult:Assert(condition, message)
if (condition) then
return condition
return TestResult