Learn LaTeX and write pretty documents!
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Learn LaTeX and create pretty documents!

Site to do work on

Things I want to cover

  • Equations and other math stuff
  • Bibliography and auto generated stuff
  • Formatting and cool graphs


LaTeX (pronounced la-tech) is a more powerful and professional way to create documents then traditional word processors like Microsoft word. Similar to programming, LaTeX involves writing code which then compiles into a pdf document. Hopefully, this short introduction will give you the tools and mindset to understand and utilize LaTeX effectively.

The LaTeX Way

Before we begin it is important to note that LaTeX is not a word processor and is not a one-for-one substitution for one. Emails are more effectively written in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor than with LaTeX. That said, for resumes, mathematic-based homework, and papers LaTeX is superior choice.

LaTeX is for documents where you care a great deal about the control have over them.

On to the Tutorial!

  • Navigate to share latex set up an account and create a new project; we will take the rest of the tutorial from there


  • I uploaded the demo I did and a resume template that I adapted from sharelatex. Enjoy!

Other resources