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Additional Scripts for Luadch

bot_advanced_chat (multi)
  • this script regs an advanced chat with chathistory
  • it exports also a module to access the advanced chat from other scripts
cmd_mainclear (german)
  • sends a few empty lines to mainchat and seems to clear it
cmd_pm2offliners (multi)
  • sends a PM to an offline user
etc_EventAnnouncer (multi)
  • announces events and their remaining time to a predefined rotation time
etc_NewPasswords (multi3)
  • generate a new password for the user on login
etc_banner_mod (multi3)
  • this script sends a banner in regular intervals to mainchat
  • message and timeinterval are configurable via ucmd
  • based on etc_banner.lua v0.09 of luadch
etc_blackboard (multi)
  • allows you to add info about users
etc_ccpmblocker2.0 (english)
  • controls the CCPM (Client to Client Private Message)
etc_client_su_check (english)
  • checks the "SU" string of the clients "INF"
  • blocks clients
etc_hubportier (german)
  • this script sends a welcome / goodbye message to the user
etc_mainecho (english)
  • it is a trigger bot
etc_maxhubs_announcer (german)
  • checks the users maximum number of hubs
etc_messenger (english)
  • send a message on login
etc_noadvertise (multi)
  • checks chat in main/pm
etc_onlinecounter (english)
  • Keeps track of online time
  • Blocks users from search and download if requirements are not met
etc_openhubs_announcer (german) (already included into Luadch)
  • checks if the users are connected to public hubs
etc_requests (multi)
  • add releases to request database
etc_sslonly (german)
  • SSL/TLS Checker, to prevent users with a non-ssl connection (users will be disconnected)
etc_txtsend (multi) (win32 only)
  • this script sends the complete content of a textfile to Main or PM
etc_wunschbrett (multi)
  • enables you to post your request to a list where everyone can look in and see if there are items added
ptx_poll_bot (english)
  • finally a good pollbot
ptx_RSSFeedWatch (english)
  • a socket script that watches an RSS feed for changes
ptx_anti_dl (english)
  • anti download bot
ptx_freshstuff (multi3)
  • release bot
ptx_rotatingtopic (english)
  • this script will rotate messages in main (it has nothing to do with the topic)
ptx_tagcheck (multi3) (only for Luadch 2.15 and higher)
  • checks min/max slots and max hubs for specified reg prefix tags
ptx_tophubbers (german)
  • tophubbers
usr_nick_prefix_mod (multi3)
  • this script adds a prefix to the nick of a user
usr_speedinfo (english)
  • Above command will permanently change the email address of the user to the given connection speed info.
  • Instead of the email address, one can use any other field of the INF. This is controlled by the variable "field".


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