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A xUnit tests module for Lua. This repository was converted from a CVS repository on on Jan. 20, 2010. If you are the maintainer, please fork and then email and ask us to "reroot" it to you. (Or you can ask us to delete the repository.)
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		luaunit.lua  by Philippe Fremy

Luaunit is a testing framework for Lua, in the spirit of Extrem Programming.

Luaunit is derived from the initial work of Ryu Gwang but has evolved a lot
from the original code as my understanding of lua progressed.

Luaunit should work on all platforms supported by lua. It was tested on
Windows XP and Gentoo Linux.

Luaunit is used extensively in yzis (, a vi clone, in order to
test the lua binding of the editor.

You can download luaunit from:


v1.2: first public release

v1.3: ported to lua 5.1

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