LuaLDAP is a binding for the OpenLDAP client libraries
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LuaLDAP is a simple interface from Lua to an LDAP client, in fact it is a bind to OpenLDAP or to Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI). It enables a Lua program to:

  • Connect to an LDAP server;
  • Execute any operation (search, add, compare, delete, modify and rename);
  • Retrieve entries and references of the search result.


Current version is 1.2.5. It was developed for Lua 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3, and both OpenLDAP 2.3 or newer.

Source code directory structure

Files in the distribution:

/doc/us/*.html  -- Documentation
/src/*			    -- Source files
/tests/*        -- Test files
/vc6/*          -- Build files for MS Visual C 6 (deprecated)
/rockspecs/     -- luarocks build system releases
Makefile        -- Makefile for Unix systems (deprecated)
config          -- Configurations to build on Unix systems (deprecated)    -- Makefile for Windows systens with MS Visual C 8 (unmaintained)      -- Configurations to build on Windows systems (unmaintained)       -- This file         -- News and release notes -- Who contributed what      -- MIT License reference


LuaLDAP is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.1.


Please see CONTRIBUTORS for contribution information and documentation on original source.