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Copyright (c) 2012, Luanne Misquitta
All rights reserved. See License.txt
import com.herokuapp.flavorwocky.Category
import com.herokuapp.flavorwocky.Ingredient
import com.herokuapp.flavorwocky.LatestPairing
import org.neo4j.graphdb.*
class BootStrap {
* Initialize the app
def init = { servletContext ->
//check if there are categories in the db
if (Category.count()<=0) {
def destroy = {
* Create categories and link to the reference node.
private void createInitialCategories() {
//todo: is this really being batched? need to verify
Category.withTransaction {
'Herbs and spices':'yellowgreen',
'Eggs and dairy':'wheat',
'Nuts and Grains':'orange',
'Chocolate, Bread and Pastry':'saddlebrown'
].each {
new Category(name: it.key, catColor: it.value).save(failOnError: true)
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