A simple music manager CLI that allows you to easily acquire, organize and play your songs.
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musicp is a simple music manager CLI that allows you to easily acquire (via youtube), organize and play your favorite musics.


You need two things to use this: a music player and a youtube downloader.
This is ready to work out of the box with cmus and mp3_multitube.
You also need a Youtube API Key.
Finally, clone this project and run npm install.


Download cmus from their website.
It should come with cmus-remote (that's required for musicp!).
Extract and add to the path as cmus and cmus-remote.


Follow their instructions.
You will end up exporting mp3_multitube to the PATH.


Follow this tutorial to get one.

Custom helpers

You can use different helpers (music player and youtube downloader) if you so desire.
For that, you need to first run the program so your .musicp folder will be downloaded and setup properly.
Then, you can edit the data.json config file and change the following keys, in order to use your own stuff:

	"config" : {
	    "y2mp3" : "mp3_multitube urls --ids", // a temporary `url` file is created in the current dir
	    "play" : "cmus-remote -f ", // the full mp3 file path is added to the end
	    "resume" : "cmus-remote -p", // resume from where it was paused
	    "pause" : "cmus-remote -u", // pauses
	    "status":"cmus-remote -Q"`// must return in the cmus format, but you can map yours with bash


Run cmus in another shell. Leave it on non-repeat (not 'C') and running, so cmus-remote can access it.
Run musicp (node index.js) and use the commands to control your player.
First time running, it will create a .musicp folder in your home. All mp3s and a data.json config file will be stored there.
Run key <youtube_api_key> first.

Then you can:

  • query query string... : query youtube and list the results
  • add [list index or id] : add a youtube video to your musics
  • musics : list your musics
  • update : download any new musics (they are red in musics)
  • play [list index or id] : play a music in cmus
  • pause : pause current playing song
  • resume : resumes playing current song from where it stopped
  • status : see what's playing and the status
  • tag [list index or id] tag1 tag2... : tags the selected music with those tags
  • tags : list all tags added so far
  • tags : list musics with that given tag
  • find query string... : find in your musics musics that match query string in id or title (full text search, but need to be worked out further)
  • shuffle : starts playing a random song from the current list and keeps playing on shuffle from that list

An important note: commands like musics, find, tags <tag> will set the current list. Commands like play <list index> or shuffle consider only the current list.
query will also reset the list, but the list it sets can only be indexed by add. Therefore, be carefull while querying while shuffling - it gets messy.


  1. Fork it!
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request :D