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Installation instructions for macOS

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LuaRocks is a command-line tool. You can install LuaRocks using one of the third-party package managers available for macOS (formerly known as "Mac OS X" or "OS X"), or you may install it manually, in the Unix way.

Option 1: using Homebrew

One option is to use Homebrew. If you don't have it installed, follow its installation instructions.

If you already have it installed, make sure it is up to date so you pick the most recent version of LuaRocks:

   brew update

and then install LuaRocks:

   brew install luarocks

Option 2: installing it manually

If you do not wish to use a package management tool to install LuaRocks, you can install it on macOS as you would do in any other Unix system, assuming you have the Mac Developer Tools installed. Download the Unix tarball and then follow the installation instructions for Unix to install it to /usr/local.

Next steps

Once LuaRocks is installed, learn more about using LuaRocks.

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