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The repository allows for each user to published their own collection of rocks. Since LuaRocks 3, this concept of per-user rocks has been integrated into the tool, in the form of namespaces.

What you can do with namespaces:

  • Install packages using a namespace:
    • luarocks install my_user/my_rock
  • Depend on a specific namespaced version of a rock in your rockspec:
    • dependencies = { "my_user/my_rock > 2.0" }


LuaRocks has always supported multiple repositories, which can be set in the config file with the rocks_servers entry. A repository is an address (a local directory or a remote URL) where LuaRocks can find a manifest-5.x file and .rock and .rockspec files. We also call such repository a "manifest", for short.

The website features a root manifest at as well as per-user manifests at<your-user-name>. Entries in the root manifest are operated in a first-come first-served manner, but even if someone else has already taken a rock name, you can upload your own version of it to your user manifest. You can refer to a per-user manifest the same way as any other rocks server, adding to your configuration or using it with the --server flag. This means that you were always able to install your own version of a rock using a command such as luarocks install <my-rock> --server=<your-user-name>. However, you could not specifically depend on it from another rockspec, and once installed, the information that this rock came from a specific manifest was lost. With namespaces, now you can!

Using namespaces

All luarocks commands that accept a rock name as command line argument can now take a namespaced variant:

luarocks install my_user/my_rock

LuaRocks will take your rocks_trees configuration and search for namespaced manifests on each entry: for example, given the default server it will look in

When installing, LuaRocks will internally store the information that this copy of my_rock came from the my_user namespace, so it will be able to use that information when another rockspec specifically asks for my_user/my_rock in its dependencies. (The namespace information is stored in a separate rock_namespace metadata file, at lib/luarocks/rocks-5.x/my_rock/1.0-1/rock_namespace, relative to your local rocks tree.)

Compatibility between non-namespaced and namespaced rocks

A namespaced package can stand for a non-namespaced one. If you have my_user/my_rock 1.0 installed and a rock depends on my_rock 1.0, the installed rock will satisfy the dependency.

The opposite is not true: if you have my_rock 1.0 installed but that did not come from a my_user namespace, it will not satisfy a dependency for my_user/my_rock.

Current limitations

You cannot have two rocks with the same name and version but different namespaces installed at the same time in the same local rocks tree.

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