Release history

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Version 2.4.3 - 12/Sep/2017 - All Unix - Windows

  • Fixed display of pathnames in `luarocks show`
  • Improved check for write permissions when installing
  • Plus assorted bugfixes and improvements
Version 2.4.2 - 30/Nov/2016 - All Unix - Windows
  • Fixed conflict resolution on deploy/delete
  • Improved dependency check messages
  • Performance improvements when removing packages
  • Support user-defined `platforms` array in config file
  • Improvements in Lua interpreter version detection in Unix configure script
  • Relaxed Lua version detection to improve support for alternative implementations (e.g. Ravi)
  • Plus assorted bugfixes and improvements
Version 2.4.1 - 06/Oct/2016 - All Unix - Windows
  • Avoid coroutine use in luarocks.loader
  • Fix upgrade issues for very old versions
Version 2.4.0 - 08/Sep/2016 - All Unix - Windows
  • New test suite based on Busted; runs on Linux, OSX and Windows
  • git+ssh:// fetch protocol
  • Improved behavior preserving permissions
  • Improved listing of dependencies on installation
  • Improved behavior of argument handling in `pack`
  • MSYS and Haiku platform detection
  • Feature-based detection of internal bit32 and utf8 modules
  • Internal reorganization of luarocks.fs code
  • `remove` option --force=fast renamed to --force-fast
  • Plus assorted bugfixes and cleanups
Version 2.3.0 - 09/Jan/2016 - All Unix - Windows
  • Windows: major redesign of the install tree structure
  • Windows: Auto setup of MSVC environments
  • Improve error messages when tools are not installed
  • CMake: generate 64-bit builds when appropriate
  • Improve check of location of config files
  • Remove --extensions flag; use rockspec_format instead
  • New `luarocks config` command to query configuration
  • Improved UI for messages when external deps are missing
  • Unix: Robustness improvement in configure script
  • Plus tweaks and bugfixes. See the changelog for details.
Version 2.2.2 - 24/Apr/2015 - All Unix - Windows
  • `luarocks build --only-deps` and `luarocks install --only-deps` for installing dependencies only
  • Mercurial support
  • Improved command-line argument parser, now validates arguments (it previously ignored unrecognized arguments) and accepts both `--flag=option` and `--flag option` in flags that take arguments.
  • For consistency with `luarocks show`, `luarocks doc --homepage` is now `luarocks doc --home`
  • Improvements to CMake build backend
  • Improved Makefiles for handling simultaneous bootstrapped installations
  • Various bugfixes
Version 2.2.1 - 17/Mar/2015 - All Unix - Windows
  • Improved compatibility with Lua 5.3
  • `luarocks list --outdated` for listing modules with available upgrades
  • Assorted bugfixes
Version 2.2.0 - 15/Aug/2014 - All Unix - Windows
  • MoonRocks is the new default repository: - Rocks don't need to be sent to the LuaRocks mailing list anymore, you can upload them directly at the website or using...
  • ...`luarocks upload` command for uploading rocks to MoonRocks via the command-line
  • Preliminary support for Lua 5.3
  • No longer uses the module() function, for Lua 5.2 installations built without Lua 5.1 compatibility
  • --branch flag for `luarocks build` and `luarocks make`
  • various improvements in `luarocks doc` command
  • "git+http" transport for source.url
Version 2.1.2 - 10/Jan/2014 - All Unix - Windows
  • major improvements in the Windows install.bat script. Now installs by default on standard Windows locations, while the old self-contained all-under-one-dir installation is still supported through an option flag. The documentation at didn't catch up with it yet, so please refer to "install /?" for instructions.
  • a new command, "luarocks doc <module></module>" that tries to find any installed documentation. Due to the lack of documentation standards for Lua, this uses a few heuristics. Feedback on the feature is appreciated.
  • a rocks_provided configuration entry in which you can preload dependencies that are already fulfulled in your system; a few defaults are included (bit32 is auto-provided in Lua 5.2; luabitop is auto-provided in LuaJIT)
  • generated script wrappers are now more robust
  • Graceful handling of permission errors on Windows
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Support for "named trees", so you can label your rocks trees and use flags such as --tree=system or --tree=user instead of the full path
  • "luarocks" with no arguments presents more useful diagnostics
  • Improved Lua detection in Unix installer
  • plus assorted bugfixes
Version 2.1.1 - 29/Oct/2013 - All Unix - Windows
  • Remote manifests are now compressed and locally cached, making commands faster
  • New command "write_rockspec" which generates rockspec file templates
  • detection of multiarch directories on Linux
  • environment and performance improvements on Windows
  • New --force=fast option for 'luarocks remove'
  • New --local-tree flag for 'luarocks-admin make-manifest'
  • Improved error checking
  • plus assorted bugfixes
Version 2.1.0 - 09/Aug/2013 - All Unix - Windows
  • accesses manifest-{5.1,5.2} in remote servers to provide properly filtered results for Lua 5.1 or 5.2
  • Remove old versions when installing a new one and old versions are no longer needed to honor dependencies.
  • 'make bootstrap' is now an advertised option for installing LuaRocks itself as a rock on Unix systems
  • 'luarocks purge --old-versions' for cleaning up a local tree
  • --keep flag to produce the old behavior of keeping old versions around (can be made permanent setting keep_old_versions=true in the config file)
  • security config options 'accepted_build_types' and 'hooks_enabled'
  • 'lua_version' is now available as a global for your config.lua
  • new flags --lr-path, --lr-cpath, --lr-bin for 'luarocks path' for use in scripts
  • friendlier error messages
  • plus bugfixes
Version 2.0.13 - 16/Apr/2013 - All Unix - Windows
  • Support for Lua 5.2 is no longer marked as experimental
  • Support for installing two instances of LuaRocks, for Lua 5.1 and 5.2, in parallel
  • Improvements for the 'builtin' build mode on Windows
  • rclauncher on Windows does not rely on a precompiled object anymore
  • Improvements for the Windows installer, including optional registry entries for context-menu operations
  • Improvements in 'luarocks new_version` command for autogenerating updated rockspecs
  • 'luarocks remove' command accepts rock and rockspec filenames
Version 2.0.12 - 05/Nov/2012 - All Unix - Windows
  • "Dependencies mode" selection to configure how to work with multiple local trees
  • New command "purge" that erases a local tree
  • --porcelain flag for "list" and "search"
  • More consistent user-agent reporting
  • Code cleanups, removal of dead code
  • Fixes regressions on Mac and Windows
Version 2.0.11 - 21/Sep/2012 - All Unix - Windows
  • Work around LuaSocket crash when given proxy URLs without the scheme part
  • Save manifest file in a single fs operation to make it more atomic
  • Fix tree loading order on luarocks.loader with multiple trees
  • Fix detection of write permissions
  • Improve dependency detection using configurable patterns, now a file like "" satisfies ""
  • --bin flag for "luarocks path" command, exports $PATH
  • Support for mirrors in the rocks_servers list, default list of mirrors included
  • Avoid using Lua modules internally on Windows, to avoid file system locking
  • Add NetBSD support
  • Rename luarocks.rep to luarocks.repos
  • Fail gracefully on the absence of cmake, on cmake build mode
  • New command "lint", to check the syntax of a rockspec
  • Fix builtin build mode on Mac OSX < 10.5
  • Improve configure tests for Debian-based platforms
Version 2.0.10 - 12/Jul/2012 - All Unix - Windows
  • Fix fetching Git tags/branches
  • Fix strictness issue with parameter of
  • Builtin mode sets rpath when compiling on Unix
  • Use full path in $(LUA) when configured with --with-lua
  • Cleanup of .svn dir in svn-based rocks
  • Improvement for 'make bootstrap'
Version 2.0.9 - 31/May/2012 - All Unix - Windows
  • Experimental support for Lua 5.2 (auto-detection and explicit --lua-version flag in configure)
  • Solaris support and BSD fixes
  • --nodeps flag for forced installation without dependencies
  • "new_version" command to streamline writing of updated rockspecs
  • Improved handling of LUAROCKS_SYSCONFIG variable
  • Clickable URLs in descriptions in rocks repo index.html
  • Nicer-looking persisted tables
  • Assorted bugfixes
Version 2.0.8 - 29/Feb/2012 - All Unix - Windows
  • Fix in CMake build backend
  • Fix handling error condition of --pack-binary-rock
  • Fixes for Windows .bat installer
  • Improved arch detection when packing binary rocks
  • Workaround LuaPosix 5.1.15 problem with chmod()
  • Proper error messages when config files are invalid
  • Avoid checking permissions when it's not necessary
  • Fix behavior of 'builtin' rocks which install init.lua scripts
  • git+file:// pseudoprotocol for local Git repos
  • New binaries from GnuWin32 shipped in Win32 zip
  • Nicer-looking help
Version - 10/Jan/2012 - All Unix - Windows
  • Fix installation of files in build operation
  • Deprecate --to and --from, use --server and --tree instead
  • Improved documentation, thanks to LDoc
Version 2.0.7 - 10/Dec/2011 - All Unix - Windows
  • Quieter git checkout
  • --only-sources flag to restrict download of sources from a single domain
  • Copy entries to bin/ with proper permissions
  • Fix --pack-binary-rock and add support for it in "luarocks make" as well
  • Isolate references to "5.1" to luarocks.cfg module
  • More logical names for flags: --tree, --server
  • Improved documentation
Version 2.0.6 - 04/Oct/2011 - All Unix - Windows
  • Fixes for rockspecs missing 'description' or the contents of 'source.url'
  • Escape fixes for LuaJIT/Metalua
  • Support for building a rock without installing it
  • Site-local configuration is now at luarocks.site_config
  • Support for Mercurial
  • Flag for experimental extensions
  • Plus assorted bugfixes
Version 2.0.5 - 17/Aug/2011 - All Unix - Windows
  • External commands are overridable through variables or config.lua
  • No longer uses print() - output goes to stdout, errors to stderr
  • Handle redirects between http (LuaSocket) and https (LuaSec)
  • Avoid relying on the $PWD variable
  • Code cleanups
Version - 17/Jan/2011 - All Unix - Windows
  • Minor bugfix release
Version 2.0.4 - 23/Dec/2010 - All Unix - Windows
  • Command "remove" for luarocks-admin
  • Check for write permissions in repository and suggest --local
  • Remove .git from source tree when downloading from Git
  • Display of external dependencies in index.html
  • OpenBSD support
  • More thorough search for external libraries
  • Normalize paths to fix behavior when LFS is used under Windows
  • Add HTTPS support using LuaSec when using LuaSocket, for consistency
  • Better propagation of error messages
  • Stable sort of persisted files such as manifests
  • Plus assorted bugfixes
Version 2.0.3 - 14/Sep/2010 - All Unix - Windows
  • Check for permissions and warn user instead of just installing in local tree
  • --local flag for operations on the local tree
  • -fPIC is always set in CFLAGS exported to makefiles
  • respect permissions when copying files in Unix systems
  • display license after build/installation
  • svn:// protocol for scm rockspecs
  • "luarocks list" and "luarocks search" are now case-insensitive
  • "luarocks-admin add" supports adding multiple files at once
  • "luarocks-admin add" supports rsync for download and upload and scp for upload
  • new command: "luarocks show" displays information about an installed rock
  • new command: "luarocks path" to make it easy to export Lua env variables
  • plus assorted bugfixes
Version 2.0.2 - 01/Apr/2010 - All Unix - Windows
  • use LuaSocket if available for downloading files
  • use LuaZip if available for unzipping files
  • MinGW support in builtin build backend
  • updated installation files for Windows, including a LuaForWindows-compatible package
Version 2.0.1 - 27/Oct/2009 - All Unix - Windows
  • luarocks.cfg is no longer edited during installation; a separate site-local luarocks.config module is created.
  • robustness fixes and improvements for luarocks.add
  • cleanup of configure options and references to the old LuaForge URLs
  • install LuaRocks as a rock
  • plus assorted bugfixes
Version 2.0 - 17/Oct/2009 - All Unix - Windows
  • module files are now deployed to standard Lua-style paths
  • new package loader module luarocks.loader, superseding the require()-override module luarocks.require
  • new abstraction system for file system operations: the OS-specific back-ends for luarocks.fs were split between native-Lua and tool-based implementations
  • new format for local manifest
  • new command for luarocks: "download", to fetch .rock and .rockspec files
  • new commands for luarocks-admin: "add", to upload rocks to a repository, and "refresh_cache", to refresh the cache used by the "add" command
  • plus a number of cleanups and bugfixes
Version 1.0.1 - 13/Mar/2009 - All Unix - Windows
  • Improve portability in usage of Unix tools
  • Allow use of local rocks servers in the --from flag
  • Improve detection of external libraries on Mac OSX
  • Fix build of the 'builtin' backend under Windows
  • Support for the 'md5' binary as a MD5 checker
Version 1.0 - 01/Sep/2008 - All Unix - Windows
  • Add support for post-install hooks
  • Path helper scripts for binaries on Windows systems.
  • Git support, contributed by Thomas Harning.
  • Improve shell compatibility for different Unix systems.
  • Add the @ operator for no-upgrade dependencies.
  • Add check for rockspec version format.
  • Generate index.html when building a manifest for a repository.
  • Plus assorted bugfixes.
Version 0.6 - 30/Jun/2008 - All Unix - Windows
  • Check external deps on binary installs. Allow rockspecs to specify supported platforms. Support platform-agnostic specification of external deps files. Allow overriding external deps subdirs.
  • Structured build systems in subdirectories.
  • Smarter check to decide if a rock is pure Lua or not, also checking bin/
  • Restructuring of fs code.
  • Modularized fetch code to support multiple SCMs.
  • Added specific support for 'doc' directory in rockspecs. Auto-install files in 'lua' in builtin builds.
  • Support for Surround SCM, contributed by Ignacio Burgueño.
  • "module" build type renamed to "builtin"; "cvs_tag" and "cvs_module" renamed to "tag" and "module". Old names still supported for compatibility for now, to be cleaned up by 1.0.
  • Plus many bugfixes.
Version 0.5.2 - 13/May/2008 - All Unix - Windows
  • Fixes problems with removal of read-only files on Windows
  • Fixes issues with external libraries on the 'module' build type on Windows
  • Fixes the --only-from flag
  • Renames the luarocks.config module to luarocks.cfg avoiding conflict's with the user configuration file config.lua
Version 0.5.1 - 25/Apr/2008 - All Unix - Windows
  • Added function get_rock_from_module in luarocks.require, allowing apps to inspect which rock they're getting modules from.
  • Added variables LUA, LIB_EXTENSION and OBJ_EXTENSION, now available for rockspec authors.
  • Assorted bugfixes, especially for the Windows package.
  • Build system improvements: add DESTDIR variable to makefile to make things easier for distros packaging LuaRocks.
Version 0.5 - 03/Apr/2008 - All Unix - Windows
  • New flags in the ./configure on Unix (see configure --help) and install.bat on Windows (see install.bat /?)
  • Support for multiple local repositories. By extension, LuaRocks features more intuitive configuration defaults (it installs rocks to $PREFIX/lib/luarocks if you have the permission, and to $HOME/.luarocks if you don't).
  • Flags --from=server, --only-from=server and --to=tree, to allow specifying exactly where to get rocks from and where to install them to.
  • The manifest file now stores dependency info -- luarocks.require no longer scans rockspec files.
  • 'unpack' command allows unpacking binary and pure-Lua rocks, for inspecting.
  • Plus assorted bugfixes.
Version 0.4.3 - 03/Mar/2008 - All Unix - Windows
  • The MD5 check feature added in 0.4.2 can now use openssl instead of md5sum (making LuaRocks friendlier to OSX).
  • Added a license file in the tarball (making LuaRocks friendlier to Debian).
  • Plus assorted bugfixes.
Version 0.4.2 - 09/Feb/2008 - All Unix - Windows
  • Support .lua files directly in the URL field.
  • Perform check of MD5 checksum in sources.
  • Accept plain strings in all fields of the source table of the "module" build type.
  • Bugfixes.
Version 0.4.1 - 25/Jan/2008 - All Unix - Windows
  • New configure/install.bat flags for setting scripts dir and local repository dir.
  • "unpack" command now supports rockspec files as well.
  • Complete code documentation.
  • Many assorted bugfixes.
Version 0.4 - 18/Jan/2008 - All Unix - Windows
  • Adds the "unpack" command for debugging rocks (.src.rock only at this point).
  • Support curl as an alternative downloader for OSX, removing the dependency on wget.
  • Support for installing non-Lua entries in bin/ dirs.
  • Support for specifying libdirs, incdirs, libraries and defines in "module"-type builds.
  • x86_64 support, by Brian Hetro.
  • FreeBSD support, by Matthew M. Burke.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Many assorted bugfixes.
Version 0.3.2 - 21/Dec/2007 - All Unix - Windows
  • Support for patching and inclusion of extra files (such as Makefiles) through a rockspec.
  • Support "platforms" overrides table for dependencies, external dependencies and source URLs.
  • Many assorted bugfixes.
Version 0.3.1 - 18/Dec/2007 - All Unix - Windows
  • Improved search: results now feature separate lists for source and binary rocks.
  • Windows support for the "module" build type (using Visual Studio).
  • Many assorted bugfixes.
Version 0.3 - 04/Dec/2007 - All Unix - Windows
  • Includes Windows package.
  • Adds the "module" build type.
  • Performance improvements.
Version 0.2 - 23/Oct/2007 - All Unix
  • Bugfixes and improvements to build infrastructure.
  • Adds the LuaRocks "remove" command.
Version 0.1 - 09/Aug/2007 - All Unix
  • Initial release.