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luarocks is the command-line interface for LuaRocks, the Lua package manager.


luarocks [--server=server | --only-server=server] [--tree=tree] [--only-sources=url] [--deps-mode=mode] [VAR=VALUE]... command [argument]
Variables from the "variables" table of the configuration file can be overriden with VAR=VALUE assignments.
--server=server Fetch rocks/rockspecs from this server (takes priority over config file)
--only-server=server Fetch rocks/rockspecs from this server only (overrides any entries in the config file)
--only-sources=url Restrict downloads of sources to URLs starting with the given URL. For example, --only-sources= will allow LuaRocks to download sources only if the URL given in the rockspec starts with .
--tree=tree Which tree to operate on.
--local Use the tree in the user's home directory. To enable it, see luarocks [[path]]
--deps-mode=mode Select dependencies mode: How to handle the list of rocks servers given in the rocks_servers array in the config file.
  • one - Consider only the tree at the top of the list (possibly, the one given by the --tree flag, overriding all entries from rocks_trees), ignore all others
  • all - Consider all trees: if a dependency is installed in any tree of the rocks_trees list, we have a positive match.
  • order - Consider only trees starting from the "current" one in the order, where the "current" is either:
    • the one at the bottom of the rocks_trees list,
    • or one explicitly given with --tree
    • or the "home" tree if --local was given or local_by_default=true is configured (usually at the top of the list)
--verbose Display verbose output of commands executed.
--timeout Timeout on network operations, in seconds. 0 means no timeout (wait forever). Default is 30.

Supported commands

build Build/compile and install a rock.
doc Shows documentation for an installed rock.
download Download a specific rock or rockspec file from a rocks server.
help Help on commands.
install Install a rock.
lint Check syntax of a rockspec.
list Lists currently installed rocks.
config Query and set the LuaRocks configuration.
make Compile package in current directory using a rockspec and install it.
new_version Auto-write a rockspec for a new version of a rock.
pack Create a rock, packing sources or binaries.
path Return the currently configured package path.
purge Remove all installed rocks from a tree.
remove Uninstall a rock.
search Query the LuaRocks repositories.
show Shows information about an installed rock.
unpack Unpack the contents of a rock.
upload Upload a rockspec to the public rocks repository.
write_rockspec Write a template for a rockspec file.

Overview of the difference between "make", "build", "install" and "pack"

luarocks install modulename downloads a binary .rock file and installs it to the local tree (falls back to "luarocks build modulename" behavior if a binary rock is not found)
luarocks build modulename downloads a .src.rock or a rockspec and builds+installs it to the local tree.
luarocks build modulename-1.0-1.linux-x86.rock extracts the rockspec from the rock and builds it as if the rockspec was passed in the command-line (i.e., redownloading sources and recompiling C modules if any).
luarocks build modulename-1.0-1.rockspec builds+installs the rock using the given rockspec downloading the sources
luarocks make modulename-1.0-1.rockspec builds+installs the rock using the rockspec using the contents of your current directory (kind of like the way make uses a Makefile) instead of downloading sources
luarocks pack modulename grabs the rock from your local tree and packs it into a binary .rock file
luarocks pack modulename-1.0-1.rockspec downloads the sources from the url and packs it into a .src.rock file
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