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make manifest

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luarocks-admin make-manifest - Compile a manifest file for a repository.


luarocks-admin make-manifest [--local-tree] [<repository>]

<repository>, if given, is a local repository pathname. If no argument is given, rebuilds the manifest for the local repository of installed packages.

This command is used to update the manifest file in a directory containing rocks. By publishing a directory in a web server containing rocks and a manifest file, one creates a remote repository - LuaRocks clients can then configure their configuration files to search this repository.

If --local-tree is passed, versioned versions of the manifest file are not created. Use this when rebuilding the manifest of a local rocks tree.


Suppose you wrote a rockspec for your module called "LuaSomething" and you want to publish a LuaRocks repository in your site. (Normally, you don't need to do this, just upload your rockspec to the public rocks repository, so that LuaRocks users can access your module without further configuration. But let's proceed with the example.) Your module, LuaSomething, is now installed in your local repository: you can find it at ~/.luarocks/rocks/luasomething/1.0-1/. To prepare a public repository, let's first pack your new rock:

luarocks pack luasomething

If LuaSomething is a pure-Lua module, this will generate luasomething-1.0-1.all.rock - this is a portable rock. If it contains C code, it generated a non-portable rock, such as luasomething-1.0-1.linux-x86.rock (in the Linux case specifically, it's probably not a good idea to publish binary rocks as they most likely won't be portable across Linux distributions). As an alternative, run pack on the rockspec, to create a source rock:

luarocks pack ~/.luarocks/rocks/luasomething/1.0-1/luasomething-1.0-1.rockspec

This will create luasomething-1.0-1.src.rock.

Now, create a directory that we'll use to create your public repository, and copy the files you want to publish.

mkdir ~/myrocksrepo
cp luasomething-1.0-1.src.rock ~/myrocksrepo
cp ~/.luarocks/rocks/luasomething/1.0-1/luasomething-1.0-1.rockspec ~/myrocksrepo

Perhaps you may have also a Windows build of your rock, packed with pack on a Windows machine:

cp luasomething-1.0-1.win32-x86.rock ~/myrocksrepo

Now create a manifest file for this directory:

luarocks-admin make-manifest ~/myrocksrepo

And we're done: you can now just copy these files and the generated manifest to a public directory in a web server and your users will be able to use your rock by adding the URL you published the files at to their "repositories" array in their LuaRocks configuration file.

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