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luarocks new_version - Auto-write a rockspec for a new version of a rock.


luarocks new_version [--tag=<tag>] [<package>|<rockspec>] [<new_version>] [<new_url>]

Creates a rockspec for a new version of a rock based on data from an existing rockspec.

If a package name is given, it downloads the latest rockspec from the public rocks server. If a rockspec URL or path is given, it uses it instead. If no argument is given, it looks for a rockspec same way make command does.

New version of the rockspec can be specified by passing it as the second argument or by using --tag option: the tag will be used as version, with leading "v" removed.

New URL (value of source.url rockspec field) can be passed as the third argument. If it's not passed explicitly it will be inferred from the old URL by replacing occurrences of the old version in it with the new one. If new tag (value of source.tag) is not set explicitly using --tag, it is updated in the same way.


Creating a rockspec for version 0.2.0 from an scm rockspec in current directory, with new tag v0.2.0:

luarocks new_version --tag=v0.2.0

This creates a rockspec called my-rock-0.2.0-1.rockspec in current directory.

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