Export Google Chrome bookmarks into markdown files
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Build Status

Convert your Google Chrome's bookmarks into markdown files


Enter the cloned repo folder then:

mix deps.get
mix #=> aliased mix.escript_build


Usage: bookmarker [options]

  -f, --file            Set where your chrome bookmarks file is.
			Default: ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Bookmarks
  -t, --title           Set a title for the rendered markdown.
			Default: Google Chrome Bookmarks
  -d, --description     Set a description for the rendered markdown.
			Default: Generated by Bookmarker
  --no-timestamp        Prevent appending of build datetime after description.
			Default: use timestamp
  -i, --ignore          Ignore folders. You may set this multiple times.
  -o, --output          Save rendered markdown to a file.
			Default: none (output to stdin)


    # output into your stdout.

  bookmarker -i "Foo/Bar"
    # ignore the folder named Bar inside Foo.

  bookmarker -o "./foo.md"
    # save rendered markdown into a file named "foo.md" in your cwd.