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Licence PRs


Github action to publish your WordPress plugin to plugin repository. Develop plugin on github and once done tag the release, sit back and relax. WordPress action will publish the release to SVN and create SVN tag based on the github release tag.


  • WordPress action depends on archive action to build the distibution archive which is published to SVN
  • Keep all assets for plugin repository under .wordpress-org
  • Create numeric release tag e.g. 1.0.0 as action uses same name for SVN tag folder

Environment Variables

  • WP_SLUG: plugin slug on


  • WP_USERNAME: your username
  • WP_PASSWORD: your password

Example Workflow

    # Workflow to publish plugin release to
    workflow "Release Plugin" {
        on = "push"
        resolves = ["wordpress"]

    # Filter for tag
    action "tag" {
        uses = "actions/bin/filter@master"
        args = "tag"

    # Install Dependencies
    action "install" {
        uses = "actions/npm@e7aaefe"
        needs = "tag"
        args = "install"

    # Build Plugin
    action "build" {
        uses = "actions/npm@e7aaefe"
        needs = ["install"]
        args = "run build"

    # Create Release ZIP archive
    action "archive" {
        uses = "lubusIN/actions/archive@master"
        needs = ["build"]
        env = {
                ZIP_FILENAME = "plugin-slug"

    # Publish to repository
    action "wordpress" {
        uses = "lubusIN/actions/wordpress@master"
        needs = ["archive"]
        env = {
            WP_SLUG = "plugin-slug"
        secrets = [

Feedback / Suggestions

If you have any suggestions/feature request that you would like to see, feel free to let us know in the issues section


Ajit Bohra

Support Us

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LUBUS is a web design agency based in Mumbai, India.

You can pledge on patreon to support the development & maintenance of various opensource stuff we are building.


wordpress action is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT