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Composer EDD Plugin

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Composer EDD Plugin enable installing and managing WordPress pro offerings powered by EasyDigitalDownloads and software licensing add-on via composer. Works with any plugin or theme delivered via EasyDigitalDownloads and software licensing for distribution.


Install the composer plugin to enable composer package via EDD Software licencing.

composer require lubusin/composer-edd-plugin


Step 1

Add the desired WordPress premium offering(s) as package to the repositories field in composer.json. Find more about composer repositories in the composer documentation

  "type": "package",
  "package": {
    "name": "namespace/edd-product-name",
    "version": "version-number",
    "type": "wordpress-plugin",
    "dist": {
      "type": "zip",
      "url": ""
    "extra": {
      "edd_installer": true,
      "item_name": "Product Name",
      "license": "PRODUCT_LICENSE",

Above package details hold important info to connect and download zip from product store:


  • name this can be customized as per your need, it's the package name used for composer require namespace/edd-product-name later

  • version used to get the zip, check account for version number

  • type use wordpress-plugin or wordpress-theme,

  • url product website url (include https)

  • edd_installer enable package via edd powered store

  • item_name name of product, can be found under account info

  • license name of env variable to get the license key (do not add your actual key here)

  • url name of env variable to get the website url associated with the license. (do not add your actual website url here)


  • Add multiple package enteris to add more then one product
  • Most EDD products only allow getting the latest versions of their product, even if you specifically ask for a version.
  • Make sure license is already activated for the url.

Step 2

Create .env and add the varaible names mentioned in the above step. Find more about .env here


Step 3

Create the auth.json and Add the store access credentials. Find more about http-basic-authentication in the composer documentation

  "http-basic": {
    "": {
      "username": "your-username",
      "password": "your-password"


  • product website host name
  • username login username for product website
  • password login password for product website


To add credentials for more than one product stores add multiple credentials under http-basic

Step 4

Install the plugin

composer require namespace/edd-product-name 


  Your configuration does not allow connections to See
  ure-http for details.

you will get above error if edd store deliver file over http instead of https. To fix this config composer to allow non secure url by setting secure-http to false. Find more about secure-http in the composer documentation


  • Use the name set in step 1
  • To install multiple products add them seperating with space.


Please see the Changelog

Feedback / Suggestions

If you have any suggestions/feature request that you would like to see in the upcoming releases, feel free to let us know in the issues section


Thank you in advance if you wish to contribute to the Composer EDD Plugin. You can read the contribution guidelines here

Check the development tasklist here, if something interests you or want to suggest something click here


If you discover any security related issues, please email to instead of using the issue tracker.


Ajit Bohra

Special Mentions

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Composer EDD Plugin is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license