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The default master branch is for Laravel 5.4 , for Laravel 5.3 boilerplate switch to the v5.3 branch

Laravel app boilerplate with email verification on registration

Every time we at LUBUS start a laravel project , we need to re-implement this process of adding email verification in the project every time , so created this boilerplate out of personal needs. How we achieved this can be read here at our blog


  • Clone the repo using git clone myApp
  • cd myApp
  • Run composer install
  • If you already have a fresh install of laravel, make sure to run php artisan make:auth at the start
  • Create the .env file from .env.example file & configure the following: App key, Database credentials, Mail driver
  • Run php artisan key:generate
  • Run php artisan migrate
  • That's it , you are done!

We advise you to read the blog mentioned above to understand what's going on here exactly. If you have any questions or suggestions , drop a comment on the blog or create an issue here , would be happy to help , or just come say hi :-)


LUBUS is a web design agency based in Mumbai, India.