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Why Instamojo?

  • Instamojo is the India’s emerging C2C payments & e-commerce platform that makes the whole process of online transactions a breeze both for the users and the developers.

  • Other than all their mojo , the support & response from the people there are enough to make you take a ride!

Why Laravel Mojo?

  • Since we use Laravel so extensively and our love for instamojo is well-known on our twitter specially , we cannot afford not having the mojo in the laravel world.

  • We started using the instamojo API's and the continuous usage made us code some helpers for every use. So we later decided to put the stuff adding a bit mojo to it and release it so the Mojo could spread along with the laravel magic.

Contiributions & Updates

  • Thank you for considering contributing to the Laravel Mojo. You can read the contribution guide lines here

  • If you need some help regarding this package or have a suggestion , advice , or a feature request , feel free to Create an issue with the appropriate labels.

  • You can keep an eye on the changes here and see whats coming and other announcements on our twitter

  • Thank you for using this package :) Cheers!

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