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Small webapp for analyzing git diffs over time in a codebase.
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Repo analyzer

Small webapp to analyze a repo's git history over time, file per file.

Based on an idea I heard from a talk given by Greg Young, where he claimed that you could find painpoints in code bases quickly by simply looking at the git history.


This app can be run locally as well as in a Docker image. The docker image is the easiest way to get up and running.

NOTE: currently (22-06-2018) the Docker image doesn't work that great on MacOSX due to extremely slow docker volumes. On Linux, everything is buttery smooth. 😅

If you do want to run it on MacOSX, it's probably best to run it directly.

Based on image from Dockerhub

  1. docker pull luctielen/repo_analyzer
  2. docker run -p 80:8000 -p 8000:8000 -v /path/to/repository:/app/repo:ro,cached -it repo_analyzer

Locally building Docker image

The Makefile in this repo has some shortcuts for executing the correct docker commands:

  1. make build
  2. make run
  3. Open your browser (

If you want to analyze another repo than this one, take a look at the run command in the Makefile and change $(pwd) to another directory containing a git repository.

Running repo_analyzer directly (no Docker)

This can be done as follows:

  1. Install cargo, rust (nightly 2018-06-09), yarn
  2. cd backend && cargo build --release && cargo install && cd -
  3. cd frontend && yarn install && yarn run elm-package install -- -y && yarn run elm-make Main.elm -- --output=frontend/static/js/app.js && cd -
  4. ROCKET_PORT=8000 REPO_DIR=/path/to/repo/you/want/to/analyze repo_analyzer
  5. Open browser (
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