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adns (1.4); urgency=low
Improvements for multithreaded programs:
* New documentation comment in adns.h explaining thread guarantees
(or lack of them), replaces `single-threaded' note at the top.
* Fix string conversion of adns_r_addr not to use a static buffer
(function csp_addr) so as to make thread promise true.
* Make an internal variable const-correct (expectdomain in pa_ptr).
-- Ian Jackson <> Tue, 17 Oct 2006 17:05:08 +0100
adns (1.3); urgency=low
Portability fixes:
* Cast ptrdiff_t to int for %.*s length in adnsheloex and adnslogres,
as is required. (Report from Jim Meyering.)
* In, quote macro name argument to define() to
suppress spurious autoconf error. (Report from Mihai Ibanescu.)
* Use autoconf's values for {bin,lib,include}dir rather than inventing
our own from @exec_prefix@, making configure --libdir work.
(Patch from Mihai Ibanescu.)
* Remove spurious `_' from {bin,lib,include}dir Makefile variables.
(Report from Mihai Ibanescu.)
* Do away with `mismatch' variable in parse.c:adns__findrr_anychk so that
overzealous GCC cannot complain about members of eo_fls being
uninitialised. (Report from Jim Meyering.)
-- Ian Jackson <> Tue, 6 Jun 2006 20:22:30 +0100
adns (1.2); urgency=medium
New features:
* Support for SRV RRs.
* Support for unknown RR types (according to RFC3597) via adns_r_unknown.
* Allow `;'-comments in resolv.conf (report from Colin Charles).
* New adnsheloex client courtesy of Tony Finch.
* New adns_init_logfn etc. for having logging use a callback function.
* Fix error in prototype in definition of adns__parse_domain.
* Add missing ENOTSOCK to hcommon.c.m4 (was already in hcommon.c!)
Portability fixes prompted by Bernd Eckenfels, the Debian maintainer:
* Correct type of various printf arguments: ptrdiff_t != int.
* Do not print size of leaked blocks of memory (this causes
a spurious regression test failure on some platforms).
* Provide adns_if_none and adns_qf_none (which will help with compilers
which complain about plain `0' being passed where an enum is wanted).
* adnstest converts some errno values to EFOOBAR: all of the ones
mentioned in adns.h, at least. This makes the regression test
more portable (fixes problem noticed by Bernd Eckenfels).
* Add -Wno-pointer-sign if GCC has that option.
Documentation improvements:
* Add documentation comment by definition of adns_r_ptr_raw type enum.
* Document in adns.h EINVAL from adns_init meaning bad configuration.
* Include several new references to related programs to README.html.
* Redacted the TODO list.
* New LICENCE.WAIVERS file for GPL-incompatility workarounds.
* Clarified GPL-vs-LGPL: a bit less hostile and a bit more mercenary.
* Copyright notices updated.
Packaging changes:
* Reran autoconf/autoheader (autoconf Debian 2.13-54).
* Create $(bin_dir) and $(lib_dir) on `make install', and also
make a -><minor> link. (Suggestions
and patch from Nix of
* Add .PHONY: install to Makefile, to help people with demented fs's.
* Darwin listed in INSTALL.
Minor test harness improvements:
* Hgettimeofday calls Tensurerecordfile (was Tensureinput/outputfile).
* Add bind(2) and listen(2) wrappers (for epithet, but harmless in adns).
-- Ian Jackson <> Sat, 8 Apr 2006 15:41:28 +0100
adns (1.1); urgency=medium
Major bugfixes:
* Do not spin if connect() fails immediately (!)
* Stop searching on a CNAME (even if it's broken).
* When search list runs out, _qf_owner sets owner to query domain.
* Fix bogus multiple updates to p in transmit.c (!)
Portability improvements:
* Fix up spurious #undef's in hredirect.h.
* Don't use <sys/select.h> any more, it was a mistake made in pre-1.0
(and there doesn't seem to be much explanation why).
* Understand and sort of check OpenBSD `lookup' resolv.conf directive.
* #include <stdlib.h> in internal.h (for abort etc).
* Always #include <sys/types.h> before <sys/socket.h> (for FreeBSD 4.6).
Cosmetic and documentation improvements:
* Added wishlist entry re configurable port no.
* Problem with SERVFAIL in TODO.
* README.html: mentioned Jarle Aase's Windows port, and other fixes.
* Some better source code formatting/wrapping.
-- Ian Jackson <> Tue, 1 Jul 2003 22:55:29 +0100
adns (1.0); urgency=medium
* Treat 8-bit characters in email addrs as RFC822 `special' (=> quote).
* Fix incorrect `compressed datagram contains loop' error.
* Actually compile shared libraries by default !
* Fix adnsresfilter usage message to include correct default timeout.
General improvements:
* adnshost, adnslogres, adnsresfilter have options for config override.
* adnsresfilter has --debug option.
* Improvements to adnslogres (incl. new -c option) from Tony Finch.
* adnslogres has --help option, all utilities support --version.
* Documentation improved somewhat, including new GPL-vs-LGPL file.
Changes for non-BETA release:
* Change shared library soname to 1.0.
* Do not install adnstest test utility.
Regression test improvements:
* Tests now include adnshost, adnslogres and adnsresfilter.
* Test cancellation both before and after query completion.
Portability fixes and cleanups:
* adnstest: setvbuf(stdout,...) before we do first output.
* Cope with compilers that don't do `inline'.
* Add and fix various missing system #includes.
* Find install-sh properly when we need to use it, and chmod it +x.
* Do not use variadic macro, use stdarg instead (adnslogres.c).
* Regression tests work even if some syscalls are already macros.
* #include "config.h" before "adns.h".
* Cast a sizeof(...) in src/event.c to unsigned long before printing.
* Add pre-generated versions of m4-generated files in regress/.
* Kill bogus warning, adh-main.c: `arg2' might be used uninitialized ...
* Add extra {...} near adnslogres.c:167 to kill spurious warning.
* Use `printf' instead of `echo -n'.
* Add list of tested platforms in INSTALL file.
-- Ian Jackson <> Sun, 17 Sep 2000 15:15:58 +0100
adns (0.9) BETA; urgency=high
Bug fixes:
* Don't make _processany always kill the TCP connection with the message
`TCP connection failed: poll/select: exceptional condition detected'.
* Call MEM_ROUND in __transfer_interim (avoids assert fail
`qu->interim_allocd>=0' on some platforms eg 64 bit).
* adnsresfilter doesn't resolve textual prefixes of addresses (eg, out of if input happens to block at that point.
* Do not spin if TCP connection blocks for writing (and add test case).
* Fail queries if TCP dies repeatedly, rather than retrying many times.
* Do not abort in a couple of places if TCP unexpectedly broken.
* Do not free something twice if query fails and is then cancelled.
Portability/compilation fixes:
* Move `extern "C" {' to after #include <...>'s.
* Pass LDFLAGS from configure on to ld via
* make clean deletes *.so and *.so.* files.
* New --disable-dynamic configure option for non-ELF systems.
* Use AC_PROG_INSTALL (=> perhaps install-sh), to avoid bad `install'.
Minor improvements:
* Do not print warning if sendto() gives EAGAIN.
* adnsresfilter default timeout changed to 1000ms.
* m1test script can invoke `hrecord' differently.
* regress/output-<case>.report file contains more useful info.
* TODO list and other docs updated slightly.
* Referrals with RD+RA set, or RCODE=Refused, don't generate warnings,
just debug messages. BIND does this kind of thing all the time.
-- Ian Jackson <> Wed, 9 Aug 2000 16:59:28 +0100
adns (0.8) BETA; urgency=medium
* Race near adns_beforeselect which could cause infinite timeout fixed
(it's now less agressive, and will more often return a zero timeout.)
* Fixed infrequent race causing assertion failure in adns__tcp_broken
`ads->tcpstate == server_connecting || ads->tcpstate == server_ok'.
* Spurious `server failure on unidentifiable query' warning suppressed.
* If we get a referral, don't also always complain falsely about RD==0.
* adnslogres: cast chars to unsigned char before using ctype.h macros.
* In _beforeselect, global failure now means zero timeout, and in
tcp_events, really never try to do anything with the TCP connection if
act is zero. This might possibly cause an infinite delay (ie, lockup)
if things go badly wrong *and* a really unlikely race happens.
* Test suite `lines of syscall left' value is correct; !0 is failure.
Portability fixes:
* install-sh (from autoconf 2.12 Debian r13) included.
* adnslogres: do not call equivalent of printf("%.*s",0,(char*)0).
Documentation improvements:
* Security/performance note added, about local nameservers and DNSSEC.
* Documented that adns_rr_info _rr_hostaddr ( ) for address list
means permanent failure, and ? means temporary failure.
* Typo (*now for now in _beforeselect description) in adns.h fixed.
* Copyright notices updated.
Changes to produce more defensive code:
* In adns_wait, assert that the timeout is not infinite.
* Make qu->id start out as -2 when initially allocated.
-- Ian Jackson <> Sun, 7 May 2000 23:37:13 +0100
adns (0.7) BETA; urgency=medium
* New adns_submit_reverse_any for eg RBL lookups, and corresponding
option to adnshost.
* README updated (from www home page).
* In answers, quote all except alphanums and - _ / + (and document).
* Don't reject specials in cnames even without adns_qf_quotefail_cname.
* Better checking of long domain names and labels in queries.
* answer->owner may be null on error. Documented, and adnshost copes.
* Better reporting of unexpected or weird replies from nameserver.
* Add test case for recursion (infinite loop) domain compression.
-- Ian Jackson <> Thu, 2 Mar 2000 01:55:53 +0000
adns (0.6) BETA; urgency=high
Core library bugfixes:
* Avoid infinite timeouts, causing lockup, when they should be zero !
* TCP handling revamped (avoids undefined behaviour due to reentrancy).
* Do not fail assertion if _qf_owner, _qf_search, domain ends in `.'.
* Many memory leaks fixed.
Cool new utility:
* adnsresfilter is like `cat' but converts addresses to names without
delaying the output. Pipe `netstat -n', `tcpdump -ln', etc. into it.
Test and client program bug and portability fixes:
* Dynamic library building works properly.
* adnshost prints somewhat better messages about some wrong usages.
* Include <stdlib.h> and <sys/types.h> in adnshost.h.
* adnslogres: parsing and error checking improved (Tony Finch).
* Regression tests can cope with zero-length reads.
* Regression tests check for memory leaks.
* adnstest copes with empty query type list.
* adnstest uninitialised memory bug fixed.
General improvements
* Better control of adnshost output and error messages (new -F options).
* New adns_if_logpid option (functionality suggested by Tony Finch).
* New fanftest test program from Tony Finch (ignored by `make install').
* Reads /etc/resolv-adns.conf if it exists.
* Declare flags parameters as enums again, not ints.
-- Ian Jackson <> Wed, 24 Nov 1999 17:13:03 +0000
adns (0.5) unstable; urgency=high
New features:
* adnslogres, ~100x faster replacement for Apache logresolve;
Thanks to Tony Finch for the program and the performance figure.
* Internal consistency checking with assert if right options set.
* adns_wait_poll function like adns_wait but uses poll, not select.
* adns_reverse_submit function for easy in-addr queries.
* adns_errtypeabbrev funcion for getting eg "permfail" from _s_nodata.
* adnshost utility for scripts and the like (rather alpha).
Incompatible changes:
* RRs with mailboxes never rejected due to strange chars if _raw.
* Lack of a mailbox produces `.' not `<>'.
* Better usage messages (and no default query domain) for adnstest.
* Return EAGAIN from _check instead of EWOULDBLOCK.
* adns_rr_info on _r_mx etc. shows status type abbrev and status number.
* Do not invoke __autosys indirectly from __procdgram (result: coredump
usually in memmove, unless adns_if_noautosys was used).
* Do not scramble innards when a query on the output queue is cancelled.
* Do not close tcp socket twice.
* Mailboxes containing spaces in their names are quoted.
* Give ESRCH, not EAGAIN, if _check called with no queries outstanding.
* adns_rr_hostaddr naddrs is -1 on temporary failure (as documented).
* Reject TXT RRs with no strings.
* Correct error messages for qname CNAME foo, foo CNAME bar.
* adns_processany actually does something.
* Fixed typos in adns.h.
General improvements:
* Promise not to change fds in adns_beforepoll (if now is specified).
* Improved textual error string for _s_prohibitedcname.
* New comment in adns_processany and return 0 (not r which is 0).
* Documentation of resolv.conf directives and options, and of environment
variables understood, in adns.h
* Regression test scripts set EF_DISABLE_BANNER (for Electric Fence).
Portability and build improvements:
* Give install the '-c' flag (otherwise some delete the original !).
* Do not remove top-level Makefile on `make clean'.
* Don't complain so much about poll(2) tests if not available.
* Do not give -u 0 -g 0 options to install.
* Remove trailing , from some enums in adns.h.
* Dynamically linked clients now made with -l, so as to avoid rpath.
* Do not use $^ in make rules (should help with non-GNU make).
* Declare flags parameters as ints not enums because C++ is crap.
-- Ian Jackson <> Wed, 13 Oct 1999 02:24:35 +0100
adns (0.4) unstable; urgency=high
General important bugfixes:
* make _qf_owner work if _qf_search not specified, and test it (oops!)
* ads->configerrno now initialised (in setup.c).
* timercmp(,,<=) doesn't work - use !timercmp(,,>).
* Changed memory semantics of internal queries to fix bugs.
* Restarting a TCP-using query (eg due to CNAME) doesn't abort.
Fixes for handling of broken kinds of reply:
* Only accept a reply from the subset of servers we sent the query.
* Ignore CNAME(s) in answer after RR(s) (and test).
Other bugfixes and improvements:
* adns_s_systemfail is in table of errors (for eg adns_strerror).
* Do not ship config.cache, Makefile, etc.
* Improvements to install instructions, TODO, etc.
* Regression tests compile on systems without poll(2).
* Do not install adnstest_s.
* _submit returns ENOSYS, not adns_s_unknownquery; documented, tested.
* <adns.h> includes <sys/types.h>, <sys/time.h>, <unistd.h>.
-- Ian Jackson <> Thu, 5 Aug 1999 01:17:38 +0100
adns (0.3) unstable; urgency=low
Incompatible changes:
* Low adns_status values (below adns_s_max_tempfail) renumbered to make
room for future locally-induced and locally-detected errors.
* Event loop functions for use by select(2) renamed and tidied up.
Features / improvements:
* New adns_errabbrev() for getting status abbreviation strings.
* regress/checkall prints summary list of failed tests, if any.
* Event loop functions for poll(2), and some raw variants.
* adnstest has ability to use poll(2), and user can set initflags.
* checkall prints passed list as well as failed list, if any failed.
* You can iterate over outstanding queries (but only once at a time).
* Non-RFC822 mailbox `domain' formatting now works, and clarified.
* Rejection of bad characters in domains (without quoteok) works.
* Clean up parents from adns->childw (otherwise would abort/segfault).
* In adnstest, allocate enough space for, and terminate, query types.
* In adnstest, don't print errno values as adns_status values.
* Added TODO file.
* Made adnstest.c test context pointers.
-- Ian Jackson <> Thu, 15 Jul 1999 00:23:12 +0100
adns (0.2) experimental; urgency=low
Portability fixes for compilation on various platforms:
* Include <sys/socket.h> and <netinet/in.h> in files with <arpa/inet.h>.
* Don't use GCC union assignment feature (.rrs=0 => .rrs.untyped=0).
* Explictly cast things to [const] struct sockaddr* in syscall args.
* Check whether we need -lsocket.
* Include <sys/times.h> in a few more files.
* Include <unistd.h> and <sys/time.h> for select.
* Look for inet_aton and inet_ntoa (in -lnsl and -lsocket).
* LDLIBS removed from dependency lists (some makes don't support this).
* An `ambiguous else' warning from some compilers in types.c is removed.
Other changes:
* Added COPYING (copy of the GPL).
* Regression test failure output improved.
* Missing targets in regress/ added.
* Regression test doesn't rely on value of fcntl flags eg O_NONBLOCK.
-- Ian Jackson <> Thu, 20 May 1999 00:27:32 +0100
adns (0.1) experimental; urgency=low
* Initial public alpha release.
-- Ian Jackson <> Sat, 17 April 1999 17:42:19
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