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peater: the Archlinux's packages eater.

peater (the packages eater) eats [ all | part of ] your installed packages and saves them to a list, or if you want it restores all the packages in a list.


  • save all the installed packages to a list;
  • save a subset of installed packages to a list;
  • restore a list of packages (and optionally execute a script after restore).


To make the script work correctly you must have installed:

  • bash;
  • pacman;
  • packer.

Installation & Basic Usage:

To install the script, copy it wherever you want. If you run an Archlinux box you can use the included PKGBUILD.


To save all packages in the system, simply run

$ peater -sa

or if you want specify a list's name

$ peater -sa foo.pkglist

To save a subset of the installed packages, run

$ peater -s foo.pkglist bar baz

and peater will save all your installed packages containing the pattern 'bar' and 'baz' in to the list 'foo.pkglist'.


To restore the packages inside a list, you have to run

$ peater -r foo.pkglist

and peater will restore all the package contained in the list 'foo.pkglist'. If in the directory of 'goo.pkglist', there is a file named '', peater will execute it after restoring packages.


Luca Cesari


peater is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included LICENSE file.