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Supports https devices on HomeBridge Platform


  1. Install homebridge using: npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: npm install -g homebridge-httptemperaturehumidity
  3. Update your configuration file. See sample-config.json in this repository for a sample.


Configuration sample file:

"accessories": [
        "accessories": [
            "accessory": "HttpTemphum",
            "name": "Living Room Weather",
            "url": "",
            "sendimmediately": "",
            "http_method": "GET"

The /weather endpoint will return a json looking like this

    "temperature": 25.8,
    "humidity": 38

This plugin acts as an interface between a web endpoint and homebridge only. You will still need some dedicated hardware to expose the web endpoints with the temperature and humidity information. In my case, I used a simple NodeMCU board and a DHT11 (or DHT22). Check my other repo for the NodeMCU code.