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# --------------------------------------------------------
# __init__ - QuickMultiAttributeEdit init file
# begin : June 5, 2011
# copyright : (c) 2011 by Marco Braida
# email : See marcobra.ubuntu at
# QuickMultiAttributeEdit is free software and is offered
# without guarantee or warranty. You can redistribute it
# and/or modify it under the terms of version 2 of the
# GNU General Public License (GPL v2) as published by the
# Free Software Foundation (
# --------------------------------------------------------
from quickmultiattributeedit_menu import quickmultiattributeedit_menu
def name():
return "QuickMultiAttributeEdit"
def description():
return "Edit and assing same column value in the attribute table for the selected elements"
def version():
return "0.7"
def qgisMinimumVersion():
return "1.0"
def authorName():
return "Marco Braida"
def icon():
return "icons/quickmultiattributeedit_update_selected.png"
def classFactory(iface):
return quickmultiattributeedit_menu(iface)
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