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※ Implementation of the zero-player "Game of Life" on a hexagonal grid
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B25 is a revisited implementation of the zero-player "Game of Life" cellular automaton algorithm devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway.

Life takes place on a two dimensions hexagonal grid, the rules of the universe are B25/S34 (I found those to be the most stable/interesting for this kind of representation):

  • Any live cell with three or four live neighbours lives on. (S34)
  • Any other live cell dies.
  • Any dead cell with two or five live neighbours becomes a live cell. (B25)

The project is based on d3.js(v4), ES6 and Babel(stage-0) with webpack as JS bundler.

Install dependencies:

npm i

Start development server:

npm start

head to http://localhost:8080/ to see the app running

Build for production:

npm run build

Bundled files can be found in dist/


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