⇤⇥ Snap page when user stops scrolling, with a customizable configuration and a consistent cross browser behaviour
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Snap page when user stops scrolling, basically implements CSS Scroll Snap Points, but with a customizable configuration and a consistent cross browser behaviour.

  • works in all modern browsers
  • requestAnimationFrame for 60fps
  • customizable configuration
  • no additional libraries
  • no extra stylesheet


npm install scroll-snap --save


yarn add scroll-snap

You can also grab a pre-built version from unpkg


Just call the constructor passing a DOM element and a configuration object as parameters, then use:

bind() to initialize the scroll snap and bind the listener, accepts an optional callback as parameter to execute once the animation ends.

unbind() to remove the listener.

Check out the following code:

import ScrollSnap from 'scroll-snap'

const snapConfig = {
  scrollSnapDestination: '90% 0%', // *REQUIRED* scroll-snap-destination css property, as defined here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/scroll-snap-destination
  scrollTimeout: 100, // *OPTIONAL* (default = 100) time in ms after which scrolling is considered finished
  scrollTime: 300 // *OPTIONAL* (default = 300) time in ms for the smooth snap

function callback () {
  console.log('called when snap animation ends')

const element = document.getElementById('container')
const snapObject = new ScrollSnap(element, snapConfig)


// unbind the element
// snapObject.unbind();

Here you can see a working demo.


git clone https://github.com/lucafalasco/scroll-snap.git
cd scroll-snap
npm install

Start the test app from demo/ and fire up the dev server

npm start

Build for production:

npm run build