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CSS debugging tool with an unpronounceable name.

Codepen Demo


If you are using a bundler:

npm install debucsser

Alternatively: download debucsser.js in /module folder and link it in your HTML.

A chrome extension is under development


Debucsser is a simple CSS debugging tool made to be unobtrusive in your workflow.

I often find myself applying an "outline" to a lot of elements on the page to see their dimensions.

With Debucsser I simply hold CTRL and move my mouse around to see the dimensions in px and apply an outline class to every element I hover.

If you hold CTRL + SHIFT you apply the outline class to all the elements on the page by adding a global class.

You can configure some parameters.

I find handy the possibility to specify a custom class I want to apply to different elements without the need to comment and uncomment the my css files.


// only if you installed via NPM
import Debucsser from 'debucsser';

// pass all the custom properties you want
const config = {
  color: 'palevioletred', // color of the outline
  width: '4px', // width of the outline
  grayscaleOnDebugAll: true, // apply grayscale filter to every element 
  customClass: 'exampleClass',  // a class existent in your stylesheet

// init the debugger
const debug = new Debucsser(config).init();

When you have done this, simply hold CTRL or CTRL + SHIFT and move the mouse around on the page.


property propType default description
color { string } palevioletred Outline color.
width { string } 3px Outline width.
style { string } solid Outline style.
grayscaleOnDebug { bool } false Apply grayscale filter on hovered element while holding CTRL.
grayscaleOnDebugAll { bool } false Apply grayscale filter on all elements while holding CTRL + SHIFT.
customClass { string } null Apply custom class on hovered element while holding CTRL.
mainKey {number} 17 Set the key to use alternatively to CTRL.
secondKey {number} 16 Set the key to use alternatively to SHIFT.


Fork ➡ new branch ➡ PR 🎉


  • Make a usable chrome extension (very experimental by now)
  • Improve default styling of label

If you have any idea on how to make Debucsser better don't hesitate 😎