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This reporsitory is for rhythm-BERT, which is motivated by 'music is a kind of language'.

The primitive original research proposal on May 31, 2020

File Organizations

Folder colab_pruned is a medley of experiments.

  • colab_pruned\data_folder saves preprocessed data, including rhythm and chord dictionaries, Nottingham Dataset data in our formats. (Feel free to use pickle to read them, and you will get lists)
  • colab_pruned\model_VQ_EC2_BERT is the model in my paper Word Representation for Rhythms. Feel free to run the updated notebook! (Remember to change paths!)
  • colab_pruned\Nottingham_database_preprocessing.ipynb and colab_pruned\data_loader_lib_trial.ipynb are demos for using my data loader libs. You can get data in colab_pruned\data_folder by running those two files.
  • colab_pruned\model_seq2seq_baseline, colab_pruned\model_seq2seq_attention, colab_pruned\model_transformer and colab_pruned\pitch_encoder_decoder are my primitive trials. I just save them here for reference.

Folder lib:

  • lib\data_loader is for Nottingham Dataset preprocessing. It works, but it is still under maintain, because there are still a few bugs which do not matter greatly.
  • lib\models and lib\utils are segments of BERT notebook. Just for reading. Of course, you can import them for further use.

rhythm-word-embedding commit logs

This is for logging the research progressions of rhythm word embedding

commits on June 28, 2020

  • folder models: pitch encoder-decoder lib
  • folder data_loader: Nottingham dataset loaders. How to use it? See /colab_pruned/data_loader_lib_trial.ipynb
  • folder model_seq2seq_baseline and model_seq2seq_attention: RNN-autoencoder models for rhythm reconstruction
  • folder model_transformer: transformer model for rhythm reconstruction and generation

commits on July 7, 2020

  • Folder orgnization changed! lib is a medley of modules, configs and toolkits; colab_pruned is a medley of previous experiments and implementations of lib.
  • If you want to know rhythm words, please refer to '\colab_pruned\data_loader_lib_trial.ipynb' and '\colab_pruned\Nottingham_database_preprocessing.ipynb'
  • If you want to know rhythm BERT, please refer to '\colab_pruned\model_VQ_EC2_BERT'
  • If you want to implement codes yourself, please remember to change paths and configs yourself!

commits on July 14, 2020

  • Added fine-tuned code in this notebook: \colab_pruned\model_VQ_EC2_BERT\rhythm_VQ_EC2_BERT_released_20200714.ipynb
  • Added midi reconstruction files
  • Changed corresponding library


This is for logging the research progressions of rhythm word embedding




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