🔗 Some useful websites for programmers.
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Some useful websites for programmers.

When learning CS there are some useful sites you must know to get always informed in order to do your technologies eve and learn new things. Here is a non exhaustive list of some sites you should visit, this list will get updated as soon as I can get another link, but you can also contribute by adding those you know 😉


When you get stuck

  • Stack Overflow : subscribe to their weekly newsletter and any other topic which you find interesting
  • Quora : A place to share knowledge and better understand the world
  • Learn Anything : Community curated knowledge graph of best paths for learning anything
  • devRant : Community where you can rant and release your stress
  • Codementor : A mentorship community to learn from fellow developers via live 1:1 help and more.


  • Hacker News : news aggregator for programmers where civility is king, try a newsletter to get top news to your inbox:
  • Hacker Newsletter : curated by hand, delivered weekly
  • Hacker News Digest : curated automatically, delivered as frequently as you want
  • Ars Technica : posts unique quality articles
  • ACM TechNews : TechNews
  • Lobsters : Lobsters is a technology-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion.
  • TechCrunch : dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news
  • The Verge : More product oriented tech news
  • Recode : Tech news that focuses on the business of Silicon Valley
  • GSMArena.com : news related to latest mobile phones and android.
  • product hunt : Discover your next favorite thing
  • AlternativeTo : Crowdsourced software recommendations
  • Better Dev Links : Weekly links to help you become a better developer
  • DevOpsLinks : An online community of thousands of developers and IT experts interested in DevOps

Coding practice for beginners

For those who want to start a small project but can't find the ideas

General Coding advice

Coding Style

General Tools

  • regex101 : Online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript
  • CodePen : Front End Developer Playground & Code Editor in the Browser

Interview Preparation


MOOCs for learning something new

Sites related to your preferred programming language (For me Java)

Learn AI

-What's the difference between AI- DP and ML ? : Difference artificial intelligence, machine-learning, deep-learning-ai

Seminar , research writing , talks etc

Everything in one place

YouTube Channels

Good Articles


Building a Simple Compiler/Interpreter


Watch others code

  • LiveEdu.tv : screencast of people building application, websites, games, ect.
  • Twitch.tv : The programming community of twitch.

What should a programmer know

Competitive programming

Computer Books

Video Tutorials

Online Compiler and Sharing Code snippets

  • CodePad : Code editor to try, test and run 25+ languages
  • JSFiddle : Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript with online code editor
  • Ideone.com : online compiler and debugging tool for more than 60 programming languages
  • Pastebin.com
  • Godbolt.org : Excellent tool for exploring the assembly output of different compilers with and without optimization.

Blogs of Developers

For improving your English

When you get bored from CS related stuff

  • r/ProgrammerHumor : Subreddit dedicated to exactly what it sounds like

  • Vsauce : The best youtube channel

  • TED : Great talks about technology, entertainment, and design

  • CrashCourse : small courses on various subjects

  • National Geographic : High volume of high quality content from all over the world

  • Barcroft TV : Daily short documentaries about the incredible variety of people that make up the world

  • ColdFusion : Past, present, and future of technology

  • SmarterEveryDay : Lots of amazing scientific information about the world around us, usually captured with a high-speed camera

  • Ridddle : A youtube channel about science, mainly, but not only, the universe and space.

  • SciShow : Answers to interesting questions that you've always wondered about

  • Big Think : Expert driven, actionable, educational content, featuring experts ranging from Bill Clinton to Bill Nye

  • Every Frame a Painting : High quality analysis of films and filmmaking

  • TestTube News : Interesting information about news from around the world

  • Reddit the front page of the internet : Where free time goes to die

  • How to live for long time ? : The secret of longevity

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