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HBBK Timetable API

This API can be used to get your current timetable from without needing to do all the logging in and choosing your schedule and so on, in short, it saves time and hassle with the other current methods and is completely free of ads 🤑 🤑 🤑.


You can make calls to the API by navigating your browser to and giving it the following GET parameters:

Parameter Description Possible Value From Version
username Your Username with so you can be authenticated YOUR_USERNAME 2017-01-14/1
password Your Password with so you can be authenticated YOUR_PASSWORD 2017-01-14/1
week The Week you want the Timetalble of "-1" or "prev" for the previous week; "0" or "this" for this week; "1" or "next" for the next week 2017-01-14/1
class The Class you want the Timetable of Your Classes UID (001..140) or your Classes Name (e.g. GIA2A or GYM2A) 2017-01-14/1

So that in the end, the URL looks like this: You may leave out week entirely if you wish to get the current timetable.

Reporting Issues & Requesting Features

If you find any Errors when using the API or want to request a Feature, you can do so by opening an Issue. Please include as much information as possible! 💻


Read the Installation Docs in the Website branch.


Take a look at the current Projects


The Unlicense