Ridiculously small package for manual sitemap generation in small websites
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Manual sitemap generator

Laravel 5.2 Package to generate hand-write sitemap (only for small websites)


Sitemapper create a static sitemap in real time when requested via /sitemap.xml URI.

Obviously, this package is for small website only: if you have 100 pages, this strategy is wrong.
But for your personal website or for your blog, maybe you could give it a chance.


  • add "apertagraffa/sitemapper": "*" to your composer.json
  • create a get route to sitemap.xml: you can both use a callback in the route, but the best approach is to connect a controller method (to SitemapController, for example).

API Reference

You have only two methods, for now, you can't make mistakes :)

  • $sitemap->addUrl($location, $lastmod = null, $changefreq = null, $priority = null) : add a node to xml sitemap tree. $location is the needed static url, other parameters are optional;
  • $sitemap->render(): create the final sitemap tree.

You can then

               ->header('Content-Type', 'text/xml');```

## Behaviour
The real time response works only if NOT EXISTS a physical sitemap.xml file in root.
If it exists, will be returned.

That's all folks!