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Tensions and synergies between design principles

Between different object-oriented design principles there are tensions and synergies.

A professional software developer should have an overall sense of all the forces at work in the code design when coding.

Ilias Bartolini developed a coding-dojo that a group of people can run multiple times to explore and develop a sense of the forces generated in the code by different design principles.

Code examples

In this repo you find small code examples, each showing a tension or a synergy between two object-oriented design principles.

If you have more examples, please share them with a pull request.


Thanks to Ilias Bartolini for creating a coding-dojo that explores this topic and inspired these code samples.

Thanks to Daniel Tsadok for the porting of the examples to Ruby.

Thanks to Peter Oxenham for the porting of the examples to Java.

Thanks to Jonathan Reyes for the porting of the examples to JavaScript.

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