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Sketch Resize

Sketch Resize

Resize (not scale) multiple layers at once via shortcut

Sketch Resize is a plugin made for Sketch. It provides unproportional, unconstrained resize for multiple selected layer. It's triggered via shortcut, and doesn't require to reach nor focus the inspector panel.

Given a selection containing multiple layers, Resize tries to avoid the following limitations:

  • The scale layers feature (cmd+k) affects width, height, and some other properties at once, proportionally
  • After focusing the inspector panel via shortcut (alt+tab), in order to resize anything we need to tab twice, enter the width, tab once, enter the height, blur the panel (or press enter)
  • The inspector panel could be very far away from the current position of the mouse cursor
  • Nudging and dragging could be slow, or imprecise

Follow me on Twitter @lucaorio_ for updates, help and other stuff! πŸŽ‰

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  • Download the latest release of the plugin
  • Uncompress the downloaded file
  • Double-click Sketch Resize.sketchplugin to install

Via Sketch Runner

  • Trigger Sketch Runner (cmd+')
  • Move to the Install tab
  • Search for Resize, and install


  • Select layer(s)
  • Run the plugin by clicking Plugins->Resize->Resize Elements, or by using the ctrl+cmd+k shortcut
  • Specify the new dimension(s), and press enter to confirm

Some additional notes

  • The plugin can be used on single layers, too
  • Width/height can be both declared at once. Leaving a field empty, or in its default state (%w/%h) will skip the related dimension
  • Width/height input fields accepts basic math operations (ie.%w+%h+(10+20)-8/4*2), where %w/%h are references to the original size of each layer
  • Press tab to focus between the width/height input fields, and cancel/confirm buttons
  • Press esc to close the panel and leave the dimensions unchanged
  • Pressing enter will always trigger the confirm button, no matter the focused element

Resize Usage


Sketch Resize is fully integrated with Sketch Runner, the ultimate tool to speed up your Sketch workflow. You can trigger the plugin by simply typing its name.

Sketch Runner Integration