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Reverse the position or depth of selected elements.


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Sketch Reverse

Sketch Reverse

Reverse the position or depth of selected elements

Sketch Reverse is a plugin made for Sketch. It reverses the position of multiple elements on the x or y axes, without changing the layers' depth/order. An action to reverse the layers' depth/order is also provided. It doesn't affect the position of the related elements on the artboard.

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  • Download the latest release of the plugin
  • Uncompress the downloaded file
  • Double-click Sketch Reverse.sketchplugin to install it

Via Sketch Runner

  • Trigger Sketch Runner (cmd+')
  • Move to the Install tab
  • Search for Reverse and install it


  • Select some layers, groups, or artboards
  • Run the plugin by clicking Plugins->Reverse and selecting one of the available options

Or trigger the plugin via shortcut:

  • Y - Reverse Position: ctrl+cmd+y
  • X - Reverse Position: ctrl+cmd+x
  • Depth - Reverse Order: ctrl+cmd+o

Reverse Usage


Sketch Reverse is fully integrated with Sketch Runner, the ultimate tool to speed up your Sketch workflow. You can trigger the plugin by simply typing its first letters, in pure Spotlight style!

Sketch Runner Integration