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Sketch Styles Generator

Sketch Styles Generator

Programmatically generate hundreds Shared Styles, all at once

Sketch Styles Generator is a plugin made for Sketch.

You can select any amount of layers (text, shapes, or both) and generate Shared Styles for all of them, at once. The Shared Styles are named like the layers. Take a look at the usage section to know more about how to use it.

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Why this plugin?

  • Sketch doesn't allow to generate multiple shared styles at once
  • Sketch appends a Style suffix to the name of every style you try to create



Via Sketch Runner

  • Trigger Sketch Runner (cmd+')
  • Move to the Install tab
  • Search for Styles Generator, and install


  • Rename the layers you want to generate your shared styles from (you can speed up this process with RenameIt, or Find-And-Replace)
  • Select the layers (it doesn't matter if the selection includes both shapes, and text fields)
  • Run the plugin by clicking Plugins->Styles Generator->Generate Shared Styles, or by using the ctrl+cmd+s shortcut
  • A log will recap what has been generated/updated

Styles Generator Usage


What happens if my selection includes symbols, or artboards?

Sketch Styles Generator will ignore them.

How to generate shared styles for grouped layers?

Sketch Styles Generator doesn't recursively search for layers nested in one, or multiple groups. You can check the Sketch's native Select Group's Content on Click feature and refine your selection.

Can I use other groups/artboards/pages to generate the names?

No. This is an intentional choice to keep the scope of the plugin as narrow as possible, simplify its maintenance, and avoid duplication of features already available in other plugins.

How does this plugin manage updates, and already existing styles?

Below is a quick overview of how the plugin works behind the scenes. Please note that this is a generator, not a manager. 😜

The layer has no shared style applied, and no existing shared style matches its name: Create a new shared style

The layer has no shared style applied, but there's a shared style that shares its name: Apply the shared style to the layer

The layer has a shared style applied, and its synced, but there's a mismatch between the names: The shared style is renamed to match the layer

The layer was changed, and is now out-of-sync with the shared style applied to it: The shared style, and all its instances are synced

The layer was changed in both its appereance, and name, but still connected to a shared style: The shared style, and all its instances are synced and renamed


Sketch Styles Generator is now fully integrated with Sketch Runner, the ultimate tool to speed up your Sketch workflow. You can trigger the plugin by simply typing its name.

Sketch Runner Integration




Generate hundreds of Sketch Shared Styles in a matter of seconds.





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