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A data visualization tool for SQL users.


You can visualize charts and group them in a dashboard to share with your team. You can schedule reports or just play around with your data. deloominator is in a very alpha stage at the moment. You can have a look at the product roadmap and at our milestones to better understand what the current status of the project is.

Table of contents:


The latest version of our documentation is available here.

Quick start

Once you installed deloominator, you can launch the application from a terminal emulator. deloominator needs at least one data source to work with. The following command:

$ export DELOOMINATOR_SOURCES=postgres://localhost/example?sslmode=disable 
$ deloominator

will automatically launch the application in the browser so that you can start playing around with it. You can find a list of available options by running the following command:

$ deloominator --help

deloominator uses only environment variables for configuration. The easiest way to learn how to configure and run deloominator is reading our run.example.

User Manual

Please refer to our user manual to learn more about deloominator features. Note that the document serves as an entry point for the product roadmap at the moment.


Coming soon!

Installation guide

deloominator has zero external dependencies; what you need is a binary for your operating system and we offer multiple installation procedures.


deloominator can be installed as an executable. Download the latest compiled binary and put it anywhere in your executable path.


Please refer to our contributing guidelines to build and install deloominator from the source.

How to contribute

We welcome (and love) every form of contribution! Good entry points to the project are:

If you're still not sure where to start, please open a new issue and we'll gladly help you get started.

Code of Conduct

You are expected to follow our code of conduct when interacting with the project via issues, pull requests or in any other form. Many thanks to the awesome contributor covenant initiative!


MIT License Copyright (c) [2017] Luca Pette

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