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My dotfiles

This repository contains my shell-related configuration files. It doesn't contain Vim configuration, I use another repository for Vim.

As for my vimfiles I do not recommend to use my configuration files. I think you won't learn much about zsh, tmux and so on just copying someone else configuration.

In this repository I have the configuration of the following tools:

  • ack
  • git
  • phoenix
  • pry
  • tmux
  • zsh

Furthermore, I have some small scripts in ~/bin:

  • bkdir

    Some time ago I needed to type cp -R project project.bak very often so I wrote this stupid script to save some keystrokes.

  • ff

    This one is super simple but I find it surprisingly useful. The script accepts a number N and gives you the Nth field from the input list. It's just a shortcut to

    awk "{ print N}"

    where N is the argument. And yes, the name of the script makes no sense.

  • git-merged

    I use this script to delete both my local and remote branches that have been merged into master.

  • t

    This is a shortcut for my personal workflow with tmux. First of all I had a problem with tmux 1.7.X since this version adds a default-path feature that is not working well with my set autochdir in Vim. The script fixes my problem and works in combination with CDPATH a very nice feature that is very useful if you keep all your code in one directory. I even added autocompletion for the script. I said even because zsh autocompletion is still black magic for me.

I wrote a Rakefile to install and update files on my machines.