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I'm really thankful to Bram Moolenaar for his generous work on the best editor ever. And I want to say thank you to tpope too. Without his incredible amount of work, I would have been using some crappy editor out there.

Do not use a Vim distro

Do not use my configuration and please do not use a Vim distro. Read the files to learn something and to get inspired. Don't hesitate to contact me for any further information but, please, build your own configuration. Read Lazy Modern Configuration to better understand what I mean. Of course, steal whatever you like.

I'm a Ruby developer and for this very reason my configuration has a lot of stuff for Ruby and Rails.


I'm using pathogen.vim to handle all my plugins in combination with git submodules. It's quite a common setup. Here a list of all my bundles. Please consider that it could be a little outdated.

  • Ack.vim

    This plugin is the Vim interface to ack. I recommend to get the latest version of ack from the website.

  • codepath

    I personally wrote this one and I use it to get the current working based on the assumption that all your projects are under the same code path.

  • vim-coffee-script

    Vim files for coffeescript. Very handy, you can have a live preview of the generated JavaScript.

  • vim-commentary

    Awesome commenting plugin. It's the only I know that follows the Vim way.

  • ctrlp.vim

    It's the best fuzzy file finder ever. It has a lot of unique and crazy features. I tried a lot of them and this is the best one. Period.

  • vim-endwise

    This plugin will close structures in Ruby, VimL and other languages.

  • vim-pathogen

    This is a wonderful plugin for handling your configuration. If you don't use it you should.

  • vim-fugitive

    If you use git you must learn to use this plugin. Drew Neil has done a great series of screencasts about it.

  • rails.vim

    I love rails and I love Vim. Someone would say I love tpope. OK, I confess I love him. But everyone loves tpope. BTW, this plugin is essential if you are a Rails developer.

  • ultisnips

    It's described as the ultimate snippet solution. I agree, it's the ultimate solution.

  • vim-git

    Vim Git Runtime files.

  • vim-jquery-doc

    Browse jQuery API doc quickly.

  • vim-liquid

    Vim Liquid runtime files with Jekyll enhancements.

  • vim-rake

    It's like rails.vim without the rails.

  • vim-repeat

    It enables repeating supported plugin maps with .

  • vim-ruby

    Vim/Ruby Configuration Files.

  • vim-ruby-doc

    Browse Ruby/RSpec/Rails doc quickly.

  • vim-surround

    Incredibly useful plugin for quoting stuff.

  • tabular

    Vim script for text filtering and alignment. It's very handy for tidying code.

  • vim-textobj-indent

    Text objects for indented blocks of lines.

  • vim-textobj-rubyblock

    A custom text object for selecting ruby blocks.

  • vim-textobj-underscore

    A custom text object for underscored words.

  • vim-visualstar

    * for Visual-mode.

  • splitjoin.vim

    Awesome plugin for switching between single-line statemes and multiple-line statements. You need it.

  • vimux and turbux

    I'm using tmux for development and these tools allows me to interact with tmux quickly and efficiently.


Copyright (c) Luca Pette. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.

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