A personal wiki / notes blend powered by markdown and git
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A personal wiki / notes blend powered by markdown and git.

Inspired by Evernote and gollum.


  • Just files on your disk. Actually, a git repo on your disk.
  • A server and a web-frontend, all in a single executable. The server manages files, your browser displays them.
  • Files are markdown with some extensions:
    • LaTeX $\latex$ or, if you want it on its own line, \[ \latex \])
    • Easier links [[foo]], also works for images [[foo.png]]
  • Search
  • Drag-n-drop upload (also into editor)

Future features:

  • Auto-push
  • Auto-Update of files and folders
  • Windows support


You should have git installed.

# Or whatever path suits you
./goldfish ~/goldfish

Then open http://localhost:2345 and start writing those markdown files :)

Screenshot time!

Code for the page:

# Demo Page

## Markdown

Things you could do:

- Make _important_ notes
- Write in __strong__ letters

## Equations

Both $e^\text{inline}$ and in display mode:

  e^{i \pi} = -1

## Syntax Highlighting

foo = Bar.new
puts foo if foo.baz?

## Images