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package ackhandler
import (
// A Packet is a packet
type Packet struct {
PacketNumber protocol.PacketNumber
Frames []Frame
LargestAcked protocol.PacketNumber // InvalidPacketNumber if the packet doesn't contain an ACK
Length protocol.ByteCount
EncryptionLevel protocol.EncryptionLevel
SendTime time.Time
includedInBytesInFlight bool
// SentPacketHandler handles ACKs received for outgoing packets
type SentPacketHandler interface {
// SentPacket may modify the packet
SentPacket(packet *Packet)
ReceivedAck(ackFrame *wire.AckFrame, withPacketNumber protocol.PacketNumber, encLevel protocol.EncryptionLevel, recvTime time.Time) error
ResetForRetry() error
// The SendMode determines if and what kind of packets can be sent.
SendMode() SendMode
// TimeUntilSend is the time when the next packet should be sent.
// It is used for pacing packets.
TimeUntilSend() time.Time
// ShouldSendNumPackets returns the number of packets that should be sent immediately.
// It always returns a number greater or equal than 1.
// A number greater than 1 is returned when the pacing delay is smaller than the minimum pacing delay.
// Note that the number of packets is only calculated based on the pacing algorithm.
// Before sending any packet, SendingAllowed() must be called to learn if we can actually send it.
ShouldSendNumPackets() int
// only to be called once the handshake is complete
GetLowestPacketNotConfirmedAcked() protocol.PacketNumber
QueueProbePacket() bool /* was a packet queued */
PeekPacketNumber(protocol.EncryptionLevel) (protocol.PacketNumber, protocol.PacketNumberLen)
PopPacketNumber(protocol.EncryptionLevel) protocol.PacketNumber
GetLossDetectionTimeout() time.Time
OnLossDetectionTimeout() error
// report some congestion statistics. For tracing only.
GetStats() *quictrace.TransportState
// ReceivedPacketHandler handles ACKs needed to send for incoming packets
type ReceivedPacketHandler interface {
ReceivedPacket(pn protocol.PacketNumber, encLevel protocol.EncryptionLevel, rcvTime time.Time, shouldInstigateAck bool)
GetAlarmTimeout() time.Time
GetAckFrame(protocol.EncryptionLevel) *wire.AckFrame
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