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package flowcontrol
import ""
type flowController interface {
// for sending
SendWindowSize() protocol.ByteCount
// for receiving
GetWindowUpdate() protocol.ByteCount // returns 0 if no update is necessary
IsNewlyBlocked() (bool, protocol.ByteCount)
// A StreamFlowController is a flow controller for a QUIC stream.
type StreamFlowController interface {
// for receiving
// UpdateHighestReceived should be called when a new highest offset is received
// final has to be to true if this is the final offset of the stream,
// as contained in a STREAM frame with FIN bit, and the RESET_STREAM frame
UpdateHighestReceived(offset protocol.ByteCount, final bool) error
// Abandon should be called when reading from the stream is aborted early,
// and there won't be any further calls to AddBytesRead.
// The ConnectionFlowController is the flow controller for the connection.
type ConnectionFlowController interface {
type connectionFlowControllerI interface {
// The following two methods are not supposed to be called from outside this packet, but are needed internally
// for sending
// for receiving
IncrementHighestReceived(protocol.ByteCount) error
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